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Test Your Jeep Knowledge - Crossword

Posted in Project Vehicles on March 1, 2009 Comment (0)
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Editor Cappa thinks crossword puzzles make Jp look like a real magazine. That's awesome news! The editor of Jp magazine endorses Jp magazine! We think a seal is forthcoming for the cover of future issues.

On that note, this month's game is a crossword puzzle and the theme is Jeepmakes, models, packages, designations, trim levels, and concepts. Simply put: Jeeps. Since the beginning of time, we've seen alphabet soup (M38A1, SR, SL, TJ, S, and X), misleading one-worder soup (Custom, Cowboy, Icon, Special), and-WTF soup (Total Exposure, Olympic Edition, and...Mountain Biker). Many others are in this puzzle. Polish up your thinking bone (not a euphemism) and see if you can fill in these squares.Answers on page 76.


1. Top-of-the-line Cherokee
4. Big letter in school colors or Jeep concept
6. This Jeep had two Hemis
9. Second-generation Grand
10. The CJ-8
12. A sunny YJ
13. Snakes on a plane, bird on a hood (two words)
14. No underpants
18. A low-level Comanche or Cherokee
20. The Cherokee Cherokee
22. Station-wagon J-Series
24. A Grand Cherokee with a 3.7L engine
25. Two-wheel-drive CJ; Hazel built one
26. Jeep's been making it since 1987
27. Football, baseball, and basketball are
29. Jeep with 2+1 seating
30. A very chrome-y Jeep (two words)


2. This issue's Lorenzo Lamas reference
3. Famous race: Paris to ___
5. Jeepster
7. Dodge Ram Jeep concept
8. A Wrangler, starting in 1988; movie with Penelope Cruz in a tank top
9. Same-named Jeep concepts, but one was a 2
11. The XJ
13. Do you like movies about it?
15. Next Jeep to die
16. This Cherokee had gold wheels
17. There's also a bell
19. Jeep sports car
21. Your boss, the person in charge
23. A mossy green ZJ
28. Another way to say base

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