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The $1,035 Jeep Wrangler YJ - Project Why-J

Posted in Project Vehicles on April 1, 2009
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If you read Jp every month (and you should, dammit) you probably remember how I nabbed a perfectly good YJ for $500 from some chick who didn't know the only reason the clutch stopped working was because the clutch master cylinder was out of fluid. I filled and bled the master, threw a battery in it, and fired it up. Avid readers may also remember how I sold the extra set of Bestop sliding window door uppers that came with the Jeep for $200, bringing my total costs to a mere $300.

So, while that left me with a clean, running YJ with a nearly-new Bestop Supertop, nice American Racing Outlaw II wheels and comfy stock seats, there was still some work that needed to be done before it was what I'd consider drivable. In order to get the little 2.5L humming smoothly with as little fuss possible, I logged onto Crown Automotive's website to spec out some top-quality replacement parts and browse prices through its list of distributors. Crown carries a full line of parts for pretty much any Jeep vehicle you're likely to see driving down the road, reaching all the way back to WWII era flatties.

The parts came less than a week after I placed my order and everything fit like a glove. Read on to see how I pulled a forlorn and neglected Wrangler into a $1,035 family fun machine. I've already logged over 1,600 miles on it, including a couple desert excursions in which the Jeep was driven to, over, and home from the trail delivering over 19mpg in the process. There's nothing like flogging a bargain.

Cheap Wheeler Tally
So you wanna score good deals and hit the dirt for pennies on the dollar? If you've done better than this, drop me a line at christian.hazel@jpmagazine to tell me about it. I didn't include registration fees since each state is different. Prices were found on the internet from Crown and General Tire authorized dealers.

Used YJ: $500
Sold Bestop Door Uppers: (-$200)
Five P235/75R15 General Grabber AT2 Tires: $475
Crown Tune up kit: $43.99
Radiator hoses: $24.98
Thermostat: $6.99
Wiper Blades: $11.98
Battery: $59.99
5 quarts cheapie oil: $7.50
Fuel system cleaner: $2.59
Oil Pressure Sending Unit: $16.99
Fuel Injector: $84.99
TOTAL: $1,035.00
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