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July 2009 Mailbag - Letters to the Editor

Posted in Project Vehicles on July 1, 2009
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XJ Cover Conspiracy
If my memory serves me right, I don't recall ever seeing an XJ adorn the cover of Jp magazine since I've been a subscriber way back in 1997. Back then Mr. Sandals himself Rick Pewe was at the helm. Remember him? Anyhoo, it's nice to see you show us XJ guys some love and give us a cover shot. I got my Jeep back in 1996, a new XJ. It's still running strong with 95,000 miles on the clock and the 4.0L runs strong as ever (still bothers me that Jeep scraped this workhorse). The magazine is going strong as ever with great content, even with Petey T.! And you gotta love Tori's puzzles too.Josh JacobsonPerkasie, Pennsylvania

At first I thought you were nuts so I looked into it and checked the back issues all the way to the beginning (spring of '96). And ya know what? You're right! That is the first Cherokee (XJ) to ever grace the cover! Good catch!

Panties in a Bunch
I threw away over 40 copies of Jp magazine from many years of collection. I have collected Four Wheeler and 4-Wheel & Off-Road since 1988 and I have every issue. I had started your collection years ago.

I don't find that kind of journalism funny ("International Buys Jeep!", April '09). I look to your magazine as a source of reliable information, something you have now ruined. That may have been funny when times were good, but Chrysler is on the brink of failure and your timing is poor. Perhaps you should browse the internet; you pissed off a lot of people.

There are a lot of us die-hard Jeep fans reading Jp magazine that feel like you are a reliable source of information, only to find out you play tricks on your readers. I don't need your magazine and I hope to use the internet to stir things up on that article as well.

Your credibility is shot. You're lucky I am not in charge of Jp magazine. If I had an editor that pulled a stunt like that, he would be jobless. I can tell you this for certain, you did not gain any readers with that stunt, and most likely, you lost some. You are a failure as an Editor and a comedian. It's not funny. I realize the April fool's part of it all. If I wanted an April fool's joke, I would talk to my 9-year-old. Goodbye.Scott BrandonMonument, Colorado

April Fooled
Yesterday my wife (yup, she's a Jeep chick) brought in the mail and was flipping through the new issue of Jp. Excitedly she started reading aloud the article on International buying Jeep. A Rubicon Grand Cherokee, 4.5L diesels, Allison transmissions, the return of the solid axle... It sounded too good to be true.

Then I noticed the issue date at the bottom of the page, April. Yup, you got us, nice job. That was very mean, but well done.John "Jack" WalogorskyStrafford, New Hampshire

Pissed Off Labor
I recently read "International Buys Jeep!" in the April '09 issue. I have now heard that you guys did this as somewhat of an April fool's joke. If that is the case, that is ridiculous! It is tough enough to have and keep a job in this economy, and for the people who actually work for the Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler family, such as me, I did not find it amusing! I will tell people to never subscribe to your magazine based on your little practical joke. Good luck trying to get people to read your magazine if this is how you treat readers.RC JuniorVia e-mail

I should have known, after getting home from work I sat down in my easy chair to rest my weary feet and as gazed upon my new issue of Jp fresh from the mailbox, I read on the cover "Jeep Brand Sold to International". Intrigued I tuned to page 64 and then back to 62 to find what in my opinion is the cruelest April fool's joke to have ever been played on me. I was so excited as I read the article...diesel Jeep Wrangler--no f-ing way! Dump the Compass, Patriot and return the Cherokee--holy crap! A Carry-All--this is the best thing I have ever read in my wait, what month is this issue? April of course.

You got me. A very cruel trick gentlemen, cruel indeed.Justin HonanWilson, North Carolina

er about Jeep being bought by International on page 64. After reading the details, I left the "library" and called a couple of buddies to share the news. We were all pretty psyched at the time, but suddenly it dawned on me that it was the April issue. I fell for the story about bolt-on portal axles a couple of years ago.

So what gives? Can I believe any news in the April issue? Did you guys sucker me again?Eric DahlmanSavanna, Illinois

Fished In
My new Jp mag showed up in the mail and my wife, who was locked out of the house waiting for me (long story for another time), was reading it. When I got home she told me all about how Jeep and International were finally going to be a match made in heaven (her words, not mine). I immediately flipped to the page and read in awe the unbelievable story about all the vehicles being taken off-line (good riddance) and the Rubicon package being offered on everything else. I even wrote my brother-in-law (an International die-hard) to tell him about the breaking news.

Fast forward 2 hours when I decided to read a few different articles. Low and behold, right there in the article about what prognosticators you guys are was the clue I was missing. It suddenly came on like the proverbial light bulb. The whole article was the annual reader bitch slap. Oh, I was so worked up. I couldn't believe I fell for it this year. Last year's article was easy to spot. Why I fell so hook, line and sinker for this one I don't know, but kudos to you all. You really got me.

Keep up the good work. Maybe someday this article will too come true. In the mean time I will keep devouring your every article and enjoying how you constantly pick on us readers.Shane WhiteVia e-mail

Phony Spotter
Your April fool's joke this year was recognized immediately, and it was not funny.Jeremy AdamsVia

More Fooling
Just dropping a line. If the Jeep being sold to International is an April fool's joke then it is in more than bad taste and that person should be fired instantly along with the Editor that let it go through.

Given the times we are in and the fact that people's lives are being affected everyday in these instances do you realize the anxiety you probably caused countless people? Just plain bad taste, bad judgment and wrong. I love a good joke but use your heads please.

If it is true then kudos to breaking a very good story and possibly giving hope to those people.RussellParker, Colorado

ading this article I need a Cherokee Rubicon. Will you have more info soon, such as when can I order one? I can't believe a great company like International has bought Jeep. This is the best news of the year. Please keep your loyal readers up to date on any info. Keep up the great work. P.S. Hey Trasborg, happy April fool's jackass.J. MacLeanFort St. John, B.C., Canada

Poor Tasting
Very poor taste when it comes to your April edition about Jeep. How low can you go? An April fool's joke when so many are so worried about keeping their jobs? Name WithheldVia e-mail

Vern Married?
I can believe bolt-on portal boxes and biodegradable Jeeps. However, Dr. Vern getting married? Come on, where would he find someone to do that? Please don't make the April fool's joke so obvious. By the way, thanks for the heads-up on the new International diesel Liberty. I can't wait! Shazzam!Bill AdelmannApple Valley, CA

Still Pissed
I just read "International Buys Jeep!" (April '09). I learned that this is a hoax. I am a subscriber, but no longer. This is not funny and makes me sick. Die-hard Jeep fans will not appreciate reading that, getting excited only to find out it's a hoax.

I am done with you. This pissed me off. Not funny, no class, and from the owner of an '08 JK Rubicon, I will never read you again.Name WithheldVia e-mail

Lifetime Subscription?
In this month's issue (April '09) the cover said the "International Buys Jeep!" story was on page 64. Was that your April fool's joke, to hide it on page 62? It all sounds great from a technical development side, but how will they market it? Where's the distribution network? Maybe it will just be eBay?

Anyway, I knew about the floating Jeep but I never knew they had wings! I just thought you'd enjoy this vintage Jeep poster. It's hanging in the Brewster General Store in Brewster, Massachusetts (Cape Cod). It's about 10 feet up so the angle is a little funny. The text is encouraging children to collect money to buy Jeeps for our troops. Today the liberal wacko teachers train our kids to criticize them.

Keep up the great work. Seriously, did your publishing group ever consider offering a lifetime subscription to Jp for a one-time price? North American Fisherman is doing that. You should too.John TaorminaVia e-mail

Here's Two More
I need to complain. The January '09 issue of Jp had three separate snide comments about the Jeep Liberty.

I own an '03 Liberty. I am certain other subscribers have the Liberty as well. No, they will never have the off-road capacities of a Rubicon, but as all-around daily drivers and for off-road use, they are the best in their "Cute Ute" class. A Liberty is able to handle about 90-percent of all off-road trails. My Liberty has the Selec-Trac option which gives it a full-time four-wheel-drive mode which is fantastic for daily winter driving where the pavement continually goes from snow and ice to dry.

I have subscribed to your magazine because I hope to get a Rubicon in the future and enjoy seeing modifications and what is available from the aftermarket. As an aside if anyone from Chrysler Jeep reads this, if no diesel is available, any Jeep I buy will have to be flex fuel.

You and the readers that don't like the Liberty should remember the old adage about "There is always someone richer and thinner than you". To spell it out, the most expensive and modified off-road-only Jeep you can show will not outperform a common log skidder, even with the log skidder towing a couple tons of logs behind it.

The off-road community should be united in enjoying the outdoors, not putting down what another reader drives.Jens JensenWindsor, Vermont

Yeah, I wish I could have a logging skid. That would be great! Maybe if I move deep in the woods I could have one. How cool would it be to pull up to the local 7-Eleven in a Caterpillar 545C. If anyone can get me behind the wheel of one (or any logging skidder) I'd gladly operate it for free! Hopefully you have good insurance though; it'll have to cover any "accidental" damage incurred to nearby buildings and vehicles. Jens, bring your Liberty by, we can see if it fits in the Cat grapple and drag it around. Ahh, oh well, for now the next best thing to a logging skidder is a non-Liberty Jeep.

Jp Digital
After reading several Jp magazines from store shelves, I opted for the digital version from As with my other digital magazines, I store them to my external hard drive and thus have an extensive library that doesn't take up any time and instant reading material for the road. I do however sympathize with those wanting to discover the world of wheeling in the real reading room. To solve this issue, I just print off the article(s) that I want to really savor and take them in to the "library". At least this way you get to choose the style and durability of your washing requirements!

Great magazine at an exceptional savings in digital form! Keep up the great work.Terry Jackson,Vancouver, Canada

Over-the-Road Subscription
Just wanted to say that I love my monthly Jp download from! My wife and I are over-the-road truckers and I sometimes have a hard time finding Jp in a timely manner. Not being one to wait, I was thrilled to find out that I could have it delivered to my e-mail inbox for half the price of the paper edition! Thanks for all the great articles and especially for the humor.Steve RichardsonSomewhere In America

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