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Jeeps Of Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2009 - Moab Meet N' Greet

Fc 170 Side
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted August 1, 2009
Photographers: Pete Trasborg

43rd Time's The Charm

Relax, you didn't miss a touchy-feely get together like the title of this story implies.Rather, Trasborg and Hazel ran around like fools in search of leprechaun gold during the 43rd Moab Easter Jeep Safari in the spring of '09. And while no actual gold was found, they did run into more than one cool Jeep treasure while out and about. So, whether by casual conversation, covert clandestine operations, or simply by banging a U-ie and chasing the owner down, we were able to nab photos and specs of a few neat Jeeps we met up with. Want your chance at making this story next year or just want to enjoy some of the world's most killer wheeling? Check out the Red Rock 4-Wheeler's website at for info and factoids on next year's Moab Easter Jeep Safari. You bring the cool rides, we'll bring the cameras. See you there.

The Tool
Early Jeeps were built and marketed as tools; things of purpose and usefulness. And we can't help but smile when we see the current brass at Chrysler Jeep practicing what its forefathers preached so many decades ago. Year after year we've seen this little red FC-170 quietly serving as a wash and detail truck at Jeep's Walker Drug display at the past several Moab Easter Jeep Safaris. It's the little workhorse that lugs the cleaning supplies, waxes, and other detail gear in its service bed storage compartments so the big-ticket show rigs like Jeep's Lower 40 JK, Jeep Hurricane, and JT pickup can look their best for the media's cameras.

Hard Facts
Model: Willys FC-170
Year: 1962
Build time: 1 year
Owner: Chrysler
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Engine: Stock 226-cube L-head six-cylinder
Aspiration: Stock 1-bbl Carter WDG carburetor
Transmission: Stock T-90 three-speed
Transfer case: Stock Spicer 18
Front axle/diff: Stock Dana 44, open

Rear axle/diff: Stock Dana 53, open
Ring-and-pinion ratio: 4.88:1
Front suspension: Stock HD leaf packs
Rear suspension: Stock HD leaf packs
Wheels: 16x6 steel
Tires: 16/7.50-15 bias-ply
Other cool stuff: Factory service bed and rear bumper, added 150-gallon bed-mounted water tank with gravity-fed, gas-powered pressure washer mounted to rear bumper, complete arsenal for self-sustained detailing in the field, just over 20,000 original miles
Our favorite mod: Water tank and pressure washer

Looking To The Future
The JK Wrangler has been on the market now for about three years, but we haven't seen many of them out on the trail until this Easter Jeep Safari. It seems that when the TJ came out, it was on the trails instantly, and we were starting to worry about the JK. Well, we've finally started seeing guys just like us who are out there wheeling their JKs on a budget, and thanks to the capability of the platform, they're doing very well. We ran into Rick Hagan and his '07 Wrangler on Fins N Things taking every line that the so-called big dogs were taking and just having a blast doing it. While we are a bit leery of wheeling a Jeep that still has payments left on it, there is a lot to be said for the care-free kind of wheeling that comes from going out in a newer, more reliable Jeep.

Hard Facts
Model: Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited
Year: 2007
Build time: 1 year
Owner: Rick Hagen
Hometown: Laguna Niguel, California
Engine: Stock 3.8L V-6
Aspiration: Stock multiport fuel injection
Transmission: 42RLE
Transfer case: NVG241OR
Front axle/diff: Stock Dana 44, electric locker
Rear axle/diff: Stock Dana 44, electric locker
Ring-and-pinion ratio: 4.10:1
Front suspension: Rancho 4-inch lift

Rear suspension: Rancho 4-inch lift
Wheels: 17x8 Pro Comp Extreme Alloy
Tires: 305/55R17 Pro Comp Extreme AT
Other cool stuff: Body Armor front bumper, auxiliary driving lights, out of the box fun
Our favorite mod: The perfect combination of lift and tires to wheel Moab with no on-road degradation of performance

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