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September 2009 Mail Bag - Letters to the Editor

Posted in Project Vehicles on September 1, 2009
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Top O' The Heap
When I bought the June '08 issue I flipped the pages expecting rides too expensive to pay attention to, rig mods that didn't fit my budget, and wheeling in places I can't get to with obstacles too tough for my rigs to tame. I was pleasantly surprised. "Hammer Down Wheeling" had a wide spread of rigs that I would see in my local club. "Doin' the Zombie Dance" and "Versus" actually apply to my demographic (the too cheap to do it right the first time demo), a YJ build that wasn't off the charts ("Off-Highway WHY-J"), an informative article on mileage and performance ("Project Mileage Master"), all topped off by a build ("Recycled"), that gets big results cheap. Thanks! A mag I can finally enjoy and use instead of drool on. You've been promoted to top of the stack on the tank of the throne!
Shawn Norton
Butte, MT

Mom Hates Us
I have to say, I am disappointed that you feel you have to make your magazine trashy. I have been a loyal customer for many years now. Being the wife and mother of Jeep lovers it has not been an issue ordering this magazine each and every year for my up and coming Jeepsters. I knew that your magazine didn't feel the need to have to drop to that level to keep customers. It can definitely be an issue having my younger magazine readers opening up some of those magazines to read an article only to find smut. If readers wanted to see bikini-clad chicks they would buy hot rod magazines. We want Jeeps! We are sorry for your change!
A Mom
Via e-mail

Flattie Fan
I spotted this pristine, previously-enjoyed example of a WWll-era flattie recently in the Palm Springs, California Air Museum. Once this Jeep is seen, all visitors will begin to understand our roots and our continuing interest with the Jeep. Not since the July '01 copy of Jp magazine showing the famous sculpted flattie have I had my interest refired. I search through every new copy of Jp magazine to see other early flatties pictured. Keep up the good work in showing photos and telling the stories about Jeep in all forms and all ages, to include Flatrods.
Rocky Johnson
Bothell, WA

Grumpy Guy
I am writing to you to let you know how much I don't appreciate the use of profanity and the disguised profanity that seems to be ever increasingly abundant in your magazine. This is neither cute nor good journalism. How does this garbage improve your magazine or relate to Jeep? I would like to continue to receive your magazine, but I will have to rethink this if it doesn't improve. Please grow up and clean up your act.
Clive, Iowa

I'm working on my third Jeep now. I've restored a '47 CJ-2A, had a '98 TJ as a daily driver for 3 years and now have a '67 CJ-5 I'm starting on. Even though I'm an old guy I don't find your juvenile humor anything to get too upset about. I like the tech articles, but my favorite is the stories where you go on road trips to pick up your sh!t Jeeps. I really like those tales. The fact that you truly seem to like working on things and not adding a bunch of useless accessories is cool too. Keep doing what you are doing and don't stop evolving.
Jimmy Ashley
Austin, Texas

More Fun Trails
Hey guys, I just read "Hammer-Down Wheeling" in the June '09 issue featuring the orange CJ-7 on the cover. I wanted to first thank you guys for not forgetting about our little east coast wheelin' areas, because for most of us, it's all we have.

I live about 20 minutes south of Wellsville and it's really the only place in Eastern Ohio that is open to public visitors that's worthy of a 2-3 hour drive. It attracts many Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York wheelers and is currently being threatened and up for partial closure due to a new fuel plant which is being developed on the river-front property. We're all hoping for the best, but it was cool to see our backyard on the cover of a large nationwide publication.

The shale ravine featured on the cover is an obstacle named Twister; also the yellow CJ on page 18 is also on this popular obstacle. It appears the Silver WJ is posing on the bottom of Slab Rock, which is a difficult obstacle in a small creek near Sturgis, the slick waterfall climb shown at the bottom of page 21.

Next time you guys visit the Ohio Valley, make sure you let me know ahead of time and I'll assemble a hardcore group on 1-tons & 40s to show you the fun trails at Wellsville you missed. Thanks for the press.
Marc Barilla
Steel Valley 4x4

2 1/2-ton Insurance
In "Buying Big" (Jan. '09), you talk about how cool 2 1/2-tons are to have and drive, which I believe. You say that in most states you can get historical plates, which I have checked, and Missouri is the same way. However, I have over the past months found one and I want to buy it but I have run into a complete mission shut down on insurance. Nobody will insure it when I tell them it is not a commercial truck. Can you please help me find a company that will insure it for the purpose of just having it?
Troy L Harris
Bonne Terre, Missouri

The likely problem is that you are telling your insurance company too much. Simply tell them it is a whatever year (1966 for example) Kaiser (or AM General, look at your registration) M35A2, and that it is a historical vehicle driven less than 4,000 miles a year. Don't tell them it's a dump truck or 2 1/2-ton truck. It's too much info and they generally have no idea what to do. All they need is the year, make, and model. Unless you want full coverage for some reason. Try Allstate Insurance.

Man Up!
I just want to start by saying to every one that reads this-you need to stop bitching! I read this mag all the time and there are so many cry babies. I want to thank Jp for doing a great job. I used to be hardcore Chevy, then about seven months ago I drove my first Jeep and I'll never drive any thing else. Every issue I find useful things and for those guys that complain all the time, do us all a favor and go by a Toyota. Real men and women drive Jeeps anyways.
Sid Vega
Denver, Colorado

Boneless Jeeps
Here's a group shot of most of the attendees of this years Winterfest event. The Midwest Chapter of NAXJA hosts this event every year at Badlands ORP in Attica, Indiana. This year, Winterfest was held on March 6-8th. We had a total of 66 rigs. You'll only see 53 in the picture; the other 13 didn't make it back at pic time. While most of us wheel boneless Jeeps, you'll notice that we even let a few of the guys that drive those cheerleader Jeeps hang out with us. We've yet to set a date for Winterfest "Oh Ten," but as soon as we do, I'll let you know. It'd be great to have you guys there. If you're interested in more info on NAXJA or the Midwest Chapter check out
Michael Hale
NAXJA Member #1107
Via e-mail

Fished In
Thank you! I picked up Jp magazine last year because my truck got stuck in the mud while searching for mountain bike trails. I have never owned a Jeep but I own a motorhome and I had vacation plans to go to Moab, Utah. I bought Jp magazine every month for about 5 months, scattered them around for my wife to see, and than I hit her with "We can pull the Jeep behind our motorhome!" She said "Don't spend too much money!" To me, that was a big yes. Working on a weak budget of $3,000 I found a good running '97 2.5L TJ with 140,000 miles on it. I took it to Moab and we had the time of our lives! I will only buy Jeeps from now on!
David Murrie
Valencia, California

Chrysler is Done!
Let's face it. Chrysler is done and it'll slowly take Jeep down with it. Who cares about an electric Jeep? You want to save your environment? Drive a Prius (I won't get into what a crock of S#!T that really is). You want to explore your environment? Drive a Jeep. The last thing I need is to have a breakdown in the middle of BFE in an electric Jeep without the proper Bachelors Degree to do the repairs myself. What people aren't thinking about is going off-road uses more power. I use a lot of gas when rock crawling. Torque likes gas/power! If you have an electric Jeep you'll be dead on a trail in no time! Holding me up! It's bad enough that Chrysler wants to neuter the Wrangler (more) by converting it to IFS. The company should drop the 3.8 (POS) in favor of the V-6 planed for the new Grand Cherokee.
Jeff Crabtrey
Redlands, California

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