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October 2009 Mail Bag - Letters to the Editor

Posted in Project Vehicles on October 1, 2009
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Positive Reinforcement
The letters to the editor (Mailbag) appearing in the July '09 issue seem to have had a bit more of a hostile tone than normal. The April Fool's story reporting the Jeep brand sold doesn't seem to have been met with universal favor. Just so you know that not everyone is now sending hate mail, I thought I would send a compliment on the July '09 issue. I think it is one of the best yet with some very practical articles regarding recovery techniques, trail fixes, and trail tools by Christian Hazel and Pete Trasborg. You had the expected good wheeling photos with the rigs seeming pretty much down to earth - meaning that they were rigs that many people might really be able to own for less than the cost of a second house. In a final compliment to Christian, this month's Sideways column was the best yet and hopefully can be repeated.Dale MosbyPortland, Oregon

Pat on Da Back
I just read the July '09 issue and all I have to say is wow. I am new to four-wheeling and found the stories "Yank, Strap, Winch" and "Arm Yourself!" very helpful and full of useful information. I was very glad to see "Affordable Winch Review," since I'm building my '04 TJ on a budget. I also loved the little history lesson on the Jeep Rubicon ("Nearly Cancelled"). Thank you and keep up the great work.Nicholas SmerilliMonessen, Pennsylvania

Your July '09 editorial (Trail Head) is right on. I've been a firefighter for over 25 years (one of the guys that cuts people out of their cars in the unfortunate event of an accident) and I also don't buy into IIHS propaganda. Sure, air bags and side intrusion bars help, but as you alluded to, mass almost always wins. Keep up the good work!John VansantKansas City, Missouri

Wow! What the hell is wrong with people? Someone somewhere is making a killing off of your readers on adult-sized diapers (Mailbag, July '09). Boo frickin' hoo! I don't think that I am above a little humor and I can honestly say that many of my Jeep friends who read your mag aren't either. Your April Fool's joke was fine with us (if not a little intriguing). If we wheeled with any of the whiney bitches that wrote complaints about this gag they definitely wouldn't find our responses funny either. I'd pay more for my subscription just to keep wusses like that from enjoying your mag. Keep up the good work.Jeremy Mackeyvia E-mail

Birth Right
Thanks a lot for the great article on the "birth" of the Wrangler Rubicon (Nearly Canceled", July '09). While I am happy with my '02 Wrangler SE, I've wondered how the Rubicon came into being. A most interesting article.Rick Passanvia e-mail

ECTED Issues
I was reading my July of '09 issue of Jp and noticed that you have installed an Auburn ECTED into the rear 44 of an FSJ ("Recycled Part II"). All I have to say is good luck with it. I bought two of them, one for my Dana 30, and one for my Ford 8.8, and have unfortunately been very disappointed with them. At the time of purchase, the rear seemed to work flawlessly. However, when I would lock the front, it wouldn't come unlocked. There were several wheeling trips where I had to drive home fighting my steering because I basically had a spool in my front axle! After about six months of daily driving, they both have become sloppy, make weird noises, and will no longer remain locked. I have inspected both for damage to any hard parts such as spider gears and have found nothing wrong. I contacted 4 Wheel Parts, and will be getting a full refund on the Auburns. That is of course after I install the ARBs I am receiving today, and ship the Auburns back.

I like Auburn as a company, but I think this design just wasn't fully thought through. I believe it is a case of a great idea that received bad engineering. An Auburn representative told me that they have been having a lot of problems with these, and that they were working on redesigning them to find a solution to the problems.

I hope you have better luck with your unit than I did with mine. I'll be sure to stay tuned and look for the follow-up story with a long term performance evaluation.Tyler GarrettChattanooga, Tennessee

Sorry you had issues with your Auburn ECTEDs. We've had the ECTED in the rear of our V-8 powered fullsize Jeep truck for nearly a year now and it's still working great. It's likely the most aggressive limited slip we've ever used and the locker locks and unlocks instantly. For more info check out "Switch Locked" in this issue.

Dirty Work
I noticed that none of you lashed out at the April Fools in Mailbag July '09, so please allow me if you would. First, the "Name Withheld" dumbass, who the hell cares that you own a '08 JK Rubicon? Does that make you special? I would have withheld my name too if I said something stupid like that. It's probably your first Jeep. The rest of you pansies that got your feelings hurt, why don't you call your mom and see if she will make it all better.

I would rather Jp magazine double its price for me than share this great magazine with a bunch of idiots like you. Go read the other magazines about street tire shootouts, how to drive in the mud, and what IFS lift and 22-inch wheels look best on my truck. Ask yourself, when has any other magazine done a suspension shootout from every company on one model at the same time, or dyno-tested every performance part by almost every brand on one motor? Oh, but you probably don't care about articles like that. You want to know what all-terrain tire gets the best fuel economy. Guys, yes we are in hard times, but I would rather laugh about it then be serious every second of the day. Jp mag, keep up the good work. We are lucky to have such a great magazine. And for the April Fool's, good luck finding tires for your Liberty.Scott Knowlesvia e-mail

I just had to drop you a fast note. I just read my July '09 issue of Jp magazine and LOVE IT! I look forward to every issue no matter what is in it.

After reading the Mailbag section I had to laugh at all of those folks who are trying to bust your stones over the April '09 issue. If they are that soft skinned over a fun little joke I recommend they learn to suck it up. If they want to use their energy for something good, then write to the White House and tell Obama to stop foreign aid. This way our taxes will decrease and we (Jeep drivers) can have more money to spend on our rigs.

As a retired Army helicopter pilot (served for 30 years on active duty), the one thing I have learned is this: Americans are spoiled and cry over everything. Pull yourself up by your boot straps and get moving. Life is too damn short, so have fun in the meantime.Ray, CW4 (retired), US Armyvia e-mail

Last Ditch
Well, you not-so juvenile delinquents went too far this time. I am happy that you guys enjoy your April Fool's jokes. I didn't. And I didn't enjoy them enough that I decided I don't need to pay good money for the misinformation. So I cancelled my subscription to Jp. Give yourself a nice bonus and have a great life. So long chump. Ha, ha, ha.Robert HumkerViera, Florida

Word to Whiners
My goodness I've never heard so many people complain about an April Fool's joke! They all say it's the economy, seems like if they would take a joke and lighten up life would go a little smoother. I hope they don't read the magazine anymore; you don't want a bunch of little sissies reading it anyway! They all squat to pee! Keep up the good work. Hope to meet you guys someday.Bart WilhelmClever, Missouri

I would like to thank you for placing my KJ in your magazine. I can not wait each month for the magazine to arrive and I was completely shocked with it being in there, not to mention honored, since it was my KJ, not our TJ or WJ. I belong to several Jeep clubs. All they do is complain about your magazine and the people behind it for the fact that you won't put a KJ in it, and for the fact that you say it like it is. Now I am facing the wrath by some jealous people saying that my pic is a poser pic and that there are way more worthy KJ's out there. They seem to be plotting some sort of game together to flood you with KJ submissions now since they feel mine was only put in since ya had no other worthy Jeeps to put in. Well, in my eyes all that matters is I made it in your awesome magazine and I will continue to look forward to it arriving each month not just because my Jeep was in it, but because I enjoy your magazine. I am not a Jp hater! Watch out for the flood of KJ pics from all the haters out there trying to prove a point. Maybe some day we will see you out on a trail and ya can see my KJ isn't a poser.Tammy MeyersFrackville, Pennsylvania

Trasborg responds: I got like six submissions one day and like one the next day. Which, for libbys is a flood. But still, only seven out of 92,000 readers?

Never Bitched
I will start off by saying that I never have any bitch about your magazine. Sure, some things are out of my price range, but hey, everyone has a different budget, and we all like to dream. Anyway, I live in Attica, Indiana, about one mile from the Badlands. My father-in-law went to high school with Troy Myers, who of course used to own the Badlands. In "Badlands" (July '09) Mr. Trasborg stated that the Badlands is located on an old coal mine. This is incorrect. There used to be a stone quarry there. And at one time Harrison Steel Castings Company (who I work for) used it to mine silica sand for molds. The EPA shut the "sand farm" down in the 80s and Troy bought some of the land from Harrison Steel and eventually opened up the Badlands in the early 90s. As for the black lung statement, technically you are still correct; black lung is from coal dust, and silicosis is from silica sand. They are essentially the same, as both of them are dust settling in the lungs.

Anyway, keep up the great work guys! And who knows, maybe next time you are in Attica you might have the pleasure of meeting me.Nathan LeonardAttica, Indiana

Missed It!
I'm really kind of bummed that I missed out on the April Fool's joke. I picked up a copy of the July '09 issue and was reading the letters to the editor and I was blown away by the people who were so worked up over a joke. Seriously? It's a magazine, not a newspaper, and humor is a staple of entertainment no matter what medium. In direct response to RC Junior's "Pissed off Labor" comment-I'm a huge Mopar/Jeep nut, have owned two Dodge trucks and three WJs, and I find it funny.

I found it so funny, in fact, that I immediately went online and subscribed for two years-this "stunt" and the backlash from it being the driving force. You guys don't seem to dedicate too much column space to WJs, but I understand that. They were only made for five years and there aren't many of us doing anything with them. I bought my first new in 1999; it was the first V-8 Laredo that Kirkland Chrysler sold, actually. I missed it so much that two years ago I bought another '99 V-8 Laredo- same color, same options less Up Country and Quadra-Drive. That's now my trail rig, and I sold my daily driver earlier this year and I bought yet another WJ, this time an '02 Limited.

I created a profile on and added my two WJs. When the housing market picks up enough and I've got the coin burning a hole in my pocket, I intend to do a NV4500 swap into my '99, along with iron 44s front and rear and an NP231 T-case swap.Nick Snowvia e-mail

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