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Hey, where'd all the carpet and leather go? You mean we won't have to rip 'em all out ourselves? Jeep will soon have the ability to spray the truck bed liner in-house, which would save us the hassle of doing it. Again-seriously-why can't we order one of these? Satellite radio? No. GPS Navigation? No. Seat heaters? No. Built-in dash-mounted coffee maker? No. But dig the sway bar disconnect, ESP Off, and Locker buttons. We'd love it if you could special order your own Stripper package with or without a front locker, an NVG 241 T-case with 2.72:1 or 4:1 T-case gearing (depending on your wheeling habits), radio-delete, and certain J8 items like the wheels, tow hooks, bumpers, and tailgate. ..