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Off-Road Parks List

Private Off Road Park
Tori Tellem | Writer
Posted October 1, 2010
Photographers: John Cappa, Cline Ranch Off Road Park, Byrd's Adventure Center, Area BFE

Where To Play On Private Land

Every couple of years, we like to revisit the state of the union of off-road parks. So, the state is: they're still hip and hot properties, and more are springing up, while very few have shut down. And many have trails and obstacles that are becoming as famous and sought-after as what's on public land. Not all are limited to Jeeps and other 4x4s-many allow ATVs, dirt bikes, and other recreational toys, and a bunch also have camping available. Here's a look at where to wheel in your area. If there's one we haven't heard of and is missing from this list, let us know!

Colorado Off Road Extreme
Agate, CO
Interesting: You'll find 800 acres with rockcrawling, mudbogs, and off-road and rally tracks

Ram Off-Road Park
Colorado Springs, CO
Interesting: Check out the XORRA racing

Moab, UT
Interesting: Waterfall on Helldorado Trail; go night wheeling during the Easter Jeep Safari week

Hot Park: AreaBFE
AreaBFE has been around since 2004, and in that time what has gained the most notoriety is Britney Spears Trail, so consider yourself warned about its difficulty. Coming soon will be a new 4x4 trail as well as a single-track trail for mountain bikers. And keep in mind that AreaBFE goes beyond wheeling activities-there's camping, hiking, geocaching, and even music festivals, rock racing, and radio-controlled rockcrawling championships.

Timber Ridge Ranch
Castana, IA
Interesting: The locale is more than 2,500 acres, and 100-plus are off-road trails

The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park
Marseilles, IL
Interesting: Home of the Famous Mud Hole, plus trails for all levels

Badlands Off Road Park
Attica, IN
Interesting: Deep water, mud, sand, and trails on around 800 acres

Haspin Acres
Laurel, IN
Interesting: You're looking at 750 acres, with trails, camping, racing, and fishing

Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park
Harrison, MI
Interesting: More than 200 acres of terrain: mud, hills, rocks, and other goods

Hot Park: Rocks and Valleys
It's a fairly new park-it opened in May 2009-but it already has a regular event, the Pig Gig, complete with a pig roast. Winch Hill is popular for its difficulty; try the 200-foot-long, 30-degree incline full of rocks and boulders. Python Trail is the most frequented trail, which is more than a mile long and twists and turns through the park via hillclimbs, mud, rockcrawling, and off-camber situations.

Kansas Badlands Off-Road Park
South Haven, KS
Interesting: Mud races, derbying, and, four words: truck and tractor pulls

Kansas Rocks Recreation Park
Mapleton, KS
Interesting: Scenic trails (view wildlife) and trails with names like PinBall and Robin's Rollover

Bundy Hill Off Road
Jerome, MI
Interesting: Sand, trails, mud, water, gravel, hills, and other terrain, from mild to wild

Turtle Ridge Off-Road Terrain Challenge Park
Drummond Island, MI
Interesting: Rocks, hills, mud, and everything else that sounds challenging

Twisted Trails Off Road Park
Copemish, MI
Interesting: 4x4s, ATVs, and dirt bikes; mud, trails, and race facility

Brick's Off Road Park
Poplar Bluff, MO
Interesting: Seen the Trucks Gone Wild DVDs? Action is captured here. There are 400-plus acres

Flat Nasty
Jadwin, MO
Interesting: The extreme-rated trails include names such as White Knuckle, All Day Sucker, and Devil's Throat

Hannibal Rocks
Hannibal, MO
Interesting: Stock, moderate, and extreme trails

Potawatomi Offroad Park
Fulton, MO
Interesting: Hills, rocks, trails, and mud

Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch (SMORR)
Seymour, MO
Interesting: More than 930 acres, with trails rated 1 to 5

Washita MX
Farmington, MO
Interesting: More than 20 miles of trails. It's also open to dirt bikes and ATVs

Painted Rock Adventures
Mount Perry, OH
Interesting: It's now closed to the public, but does post events on its website

Wellsville Trails
Wellsville, OH
Interesting: Mud, rocks, trails, and hills

Gray Rock ORV
Mount Olive, AL
Interesting: Trails range from "leaf looker to rock hopper"

Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad
Tuscumbia, AL
Interesting: There are trails and mud bogs; the park is 1,000 acres, and there's camping

Morris Mountain ORV Park
Delta, AL
Interesting: Mud, canyons, trails, and obstacles

Mountainside Offroad Park
Gadsden, AL
Interesting: Mud, twisties, and the Cold Chills climb, rated 5+ out of 5

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