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Gas Tank Skid Plate

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Yea, so this fuel tank skidplate is sturdy enough to deflect small arms fire (we are thinking .22-caliber from a few hundred yards) and it ain’t light. That’s perfect for this project since the early YJ tank we are using hangs down a little lower than ideal. It sits low in order to fit between the framerails and tuck behind the rear axle. We made it out of 3⁄16-inch plate steel strategically strengthened with some 3⁄16-inch strap pieces. It mounts to the rear crossmember and to the framerails just behind the axle. The rear crossmember pinches the rear of the tank and the front is secured with a couple of bolts and some tabs that we welded on the new tank. Weld on an old tank and you will create a huge hand grenade. Don’t do it.