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Brake Line Tools

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Bending brake and fuel lines is more of an art than a science…or something like that. There are a few tools that are a must have. A small tubing cutter is important, as is a good double-flare tool (not pictured). We also like to bend brake line by hand, but occasionally these two benders are worth their weight in gold. Well, maybe worth their weight in copper anyways. The grey handled bender is perfect for adjusting 3⁄16-inch (Quadratec PN 92705.03) in hard to reach areas. Make sure you don’t kink the tubing when you bend it. Kinks will restrict flow and are also where the metal will harden and fatigue until a leak is created. The 5⁄16-inch fuel line is hard to bend by hand so you’ll probably need a bender like the black one to fit it.