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1968 Jeep Jeepster Resurrection Part 3

1968 Jeepster With Front Clip Removed
Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted August 1, 2012

Downhill Snowball

Just five weeks before Easter Jeep Safari 2009 we bought this ’68 Jeepster and you saw it in the July and September ’09 issues of Jp magazine in “Jeepster Resurrection, Part 1 and Part 2.” The Jeep hadn’t run in over five years, as near as we could figure. So we ended up thrashing day and night to get it ready to go to the biggest Jeep event of the year.

Wheeling it in Moab exposed and/or created a bunch of problems with the Jeep that hadn’t come to light while wheeling and driving it around Southern California. It wouldn’t run well, it had a nasty chatter in low range, the T-case wouldn’t stay in low range, the transmission wouldn’t stay in First gear, and the radiator was leaking and clogged so it tended to overheat. So, we dragged it back home and started making plans on how to fix the laundry list of problems.

The ultimate goal for this Jeep is to keep it as close to stock (or at least stock-looking) and period-correct as we can. We’ve got enough super-modified Jeeps in the fleet. Part of this Jeep’s character is that although it isn’t highly modified, it’s still very capable off-road and comfortable to drive on-road. That means we want to keep the odd-fire V-6, the manual transmission, the narrow axles, and as much of the factory-spec Jeepster stuff as possible. At the same time, we want the Jeep to be more reliable than it was out in Utah. After we spent a few months researching and geeking out on Jeepster-specific stuff, we decided to tackle the running problems first. We mapped out a simple step-by-step attack to take care of all the problems. But as it’s typically been with this Jeep, as soon as we started spinning wrenches, we found a lot more problems lurking under the skin and things just started to snowball. Follow along as we chase the snowball downhill.


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