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1978 Jeep J10: Piggy The Pig Truck Part 3

Posted in Project Vehicles on September 1, 2012 Comment (0)
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Ahh, a road trip! The road trip is as American as apple pie. Heck there is no country as married to the automobile as America, that’s for sure. From the first Model Ts that rolled off ol’ Henry Ford’s assembly line to the Mother Road, Route 66, countless books and movies that surround cars and road trips, America’s romance with big, rumbling, gas eating, fire farting, smoke billowing, pillowy riding, rolling steel just says America…much like Piggy herself. Last time in Piggy the Pig Truck land we hinted at getting our ’78 J10 ready for the road…namely a road trip adventure around Arizona with a little Jp flavor. Follow along as Hazel and Simons load up in the Pig and hit the road, trail, and highway in search of fun, adventure, ghost towns, and old Jeeps. We took a ton of photos of the trip - more than we can show you all here.

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