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Bent Control Arm

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Replacing the bent control arm was pretty easy and straightforward. Just make sure to remove one arm at a time. This would have been a good time to upgrade to tubular arms, but our timeframe was tight and not trying stupid Jeep tricks should avoid a repeat failure. Thanks to AMC 4x4 in Glendale, Arizona, for great prices on used parts. We hacked the old, bent mount off, and mocked the new one up on the axle, tacked it in place, measured and checked the angle, and called it good. We then fully burned in the replacement control arm mount and pressed in a new factory replacement bushing using a ball joint press. We also took this time to upgrade from the factory bolts to these Grade 8.8 bolts that don’t have that annoying widget swedged on the head that’s intended to keep the bolt from spinning when tightening or loosening. In our experience this thing maybe only worked once…at the factory during assembly.