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Broken Lower Shock Mount

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Oops! Our fault. We were running longer-than-stock shocks on the back of our TJ without properly lengthening the bumpstops. The TJ is equipped with some aftermarket polyurethane bumpstops and seemed to work just fine until an axle swap and a heavy fridge, spare, tools and other heavy gear caused the shocks to bottom hard and frequently. Eventually the brackets liberated themselves from the axle. Check that out. The bracket actually tore a hole in the axletube. A quick trip to Moab 4x4 Outpost yielded some 3⁄4-inch coil spacers and a pair of used stock-length rear shocks. We burned the old shock mounts on once we pulled them and cleaned them up a bit. We added the shorter shocks and 3⁄4-inch coil spacers and were back on the road and trails. Special thanks to Danny Grimes of Grandpa’s Garage for letting us use his shop, Chris Durham for “stacking dimes” to reattach the lower shock mounts, and Moab 4x4 Outpost for emergency used parts.