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154 1301 15 Shrink Ray Tj Part 2 Custom Tailgate

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We had C&C Fabrication bend up the 1⁄8-inch aluminum fill plate in the back of our TJ. The little notches in the corners of the fill-plate allow access to a hitch pin that fits in factory 3⁄4-inch holes in the framerail. Slip in a tow strap and run the pin through the loop and we have two lightweight rear tow points. We also added some flush-mount LED taillights and a license plate light to keep the fuzz off our back (we hope). Nope the fill plate does not open. That’s okay we’ll reach over it. It saved us lots of weight over the stock tailgate, which is very heavy. Besides, ours was bent. See how our much better departure angle is. We would be dragging our rear here if the Jeep were stock length.