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Transfer Case

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No, you’re not seeing double—those are two transfer cases. The lead ’case is an NP205 and the trailer is a Rockwell 223 from a 1 1/2-ton International. Together they provide nearly a 4:1 low range plus right-side output to match the Chevy front axle. The ’cases were connected through a custom 13-inch shaft made from two yokes by Tampa Brake and Supply Company from Lakeland. The Rockwell has a right-side front driveshaft output so the front shaft travels straight into the front diff without hitting the front T-case, and the output shaft locations are lower than the NP205 for better driveline angles. The NP205 is cradled in its stock frame crossmember, but Terry had to fabricate a custom frame support for the Rockwell. The original shift linkage was shortened and made to fit the new access hole cut into the truck’s floor.