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2000 TJ

Front Left View
Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted March 1, 2001
Photographers: Ken Brubaker

Voided Warranty...Before the First Scheduled Oil Change

Step By Step

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  • Dan McKeag's 2000 TJ.

  • A Kargo Master roof rack carries any extra parts Dan may need, while stout sliders keep the yellow panels off of the rocks.

  • The interior looks fairly stock until you realize those seats are not factory. Or you see the ARB controls, and notice that the shifter is a wee bit farther forward than stock, courtesy of the NV4500.

  • Ghost flames are not just for breakfast anymore.

  • No time was wasted on this former 4.0L. The straight-six now sports an Eaton M-90 supercharger, has been stroked to 4.7L, turns a Crane bumpstick, and is outfitted with many more horsepower-building goodies. We wonder what it runs in the quarter-mile?

  • Both the front and rear bumpers were shot with the custom yellow-pearl paint, including the swing-out tire carrier. And, hey, everyone needs a Hi-Lift.

  • In the back is a high-pinion Dana 60 rear axle with ARB Air Locker and disc brakes. Need we say more?

  • Teraflex coils and Trail Master shocks keep the high-pinion Dana 44 off the front bumpstops, while an ARB Locker keeps both Goodyear tires turning despite the trail conditions.

  • Lights anyone? The Optima deep-cycle battery plays a large role in keeping all of these retina burners lit during late-night trail rides.

Most 2000 Jeeps, if modified at all at this point, only have a lift and maybe some bigger tires, lower gears, a locker or two, and a slightly modified warranty. But very few 2000 model anythings are as tricked out as Dan McKeag’s Y2K TJ.

With an encyclopedic list of modifications and add-ons that this Wrangler has already seen both sides of, where in the heck do we start? The exterior of this Jeep was sprayed with a custom yellow paint job complete with ghost flames flickering on the hood. This bright yellow paint was then further enhanced by a 4-inch Teraflex suspension system with Trail Master SS shocks handling the rebound. A set of four Wrangler MT/Rs wrapped around 15x8.5 Advantage wheels ensure traction between Mother Earth and the Jeep, even when the Eaton supercharged, stroked straight-six starts to spin. This mill now displaces a healthy 4.7L and has an added injector for extra fuel under boost. A Crane cam helps exhaust gases escape via the ported head and a 2¼-inch Borla exhaust. The multitude of ponies is then passed through an NV4500 with a 6.51 First gear en route to the high-pinion Dana 44 up front and a high-pinion Dana 60 out back. An NP231 with 4:1 gears routes power down custom driveshafts to 4.56 gears bolted to a pair of ARB Air Lockers front and back. IPF lights rest atop customized M.O.R.E. bumpers, while a Kargo Master roof rack is ready to carry anything that won’t fit inside the TJ. Recaro sport seats keep the much-envied occupants comfortable, while the chrome-moly tie rod steers the Jeep around the trails. If you miss the bright yellow paint, there is a voice-activated Clarion stereo hooked up to a kicker amp and CD Technologies speakers that will surely grab your attention.