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Mud Monsters of Florida

Front Right View
Ken Brubaker
| Senior Editor, Four Wheeler
Posted April 1, 2002

Five Giants of Goo From the Sunshine State

Step By Step

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Do 4x4 owners modify their trucks differently depending on what area of the United States they ’wheel in? Clearly, North America contains many different types of terrain, and each creates its own obstacles to four-wheel-drive vehicles. Yet the question is, are there modifications that are universal to the four-wheeling world, or are they regional?

To answer that question, we introduce our “Trucks Of...” series, which will run every three or four months (or depending on how often we can sneak out of the office to visit these areas). In this special series we’ll feature vehicles that provide insight into how folks in various regions build their trucks. Some will be trail toys, some will be daily drivers. While in the area, we’ll also visit with a local 4x4 shop or two and see what’s going on in the local tech scene. Of course, we’ll also explore trails with a local club to see what obstacles lurk off the paved roads.

This month, we kick off with a visit to the state of Florida. The following five trucks offer an insight into the modifications required to reign supreme over the area’s deep mud and serious water.