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Road Trip with Red, Part 4

Posted in Project Vehicles on July 1, 2002 Comment (0)
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Photographers: Tori Tellem

With the recent addition of bigger tires, and a lift to our project Jeep, Red, we were noticing a distinct lack of power on highways. Around town Red was its same zippy self, but once on the highway even the slightest uphill grades would make Fifth gear obsolete, and Fourth gear sometimes barely acceptable. The result was to turn Red’s tachometer like the volume knob at a Spinal Tap concert as Third gear was used to keep Red from falling below the unofficial minimum safe speed of California freeways. With the addition of the 32-inch tires, our red Jeep had lost so much spunk that we decided that something had to be done if the road trip with Red was going to continue. As we contemplated where one goes to buy those slow- vehicle reflective orange triangles and “no passing on right” mudflaps, all necessary solutions became obvious as Editor Cappa remembered a scary and brief ride in a supercharged TJ with Jack Shuler of Avenger Superchargers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That’s right—forced induction. A bolt-on worth around 100 hp ought to bring Red’s highway hillclimbing abilities back to life. Combine this sick amount of power with B&M’s NV3500 shifter and a Currie Anti-Rock sway bar, and Red would be ready for any paved incline, as well as any dune or dry wash you could throw at it. Check out our Road Trip with Red performance bolt-ons.


Currie Enterprises
Corona, CA 92880
Advance Adapters
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Avenger Superchargers
Colorado Springs, CO 80918


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