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GMC Envoy Pet Pro

Posted in Project Vehicles on October 30, 2001
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Contributors: The Primedia Digital StaffCourtesy of General Motors
Photographers: The Primedia Digital Staff
p11169 large+GMC Envoy Pet Pro+Rear View
p11169 large+GMC Envoy Pet Pro+Tailgate Cage
p11169 large+GMC Envoy Pet Pro+Trunk
p11169 small+GMC Envoy Pet Pro+Interior0
p112473 large+GMC Envoy Pet Pro+Envoy Badge
p112474 large+GMC Envoy Pet Pro+Front Passenger Side

Unexpected comfort – in areas such as interior roominess, features and amenities, and smooth ride – is a hallmark of GMC Envoy. With the Envoy Pet Pro, that unexpected comfort is extended to the family pet.

"A large percentage of Envoy owners take their dogs or other pets with them on family trips and other occasions," said Jeanne Brooks, Envoy’s assistant brand manager, product. "The Envoy Pet Pro makes it easy to transport pets safely and comfortably, which adds to the enjoyment and peace of mind of Envoy owners."

Separated by a net from the second row of passenger seats, the rear cargo compartment focuses on pet transporting needs. A built-in folding cage provides a safe and comfortable traveling environment, while special air vents bring increased air flow to the area. A modular cargo management design provides rear storage units that are customized for pet supplies such as a water jug holder, water and food dish holder, food and treats, and a hand-held vacuum cleaner. If an owner prefers to transport his or her pet in the second seating row, a GM Accessories pet safety belt integrated with the regular safety belt system helps keep the animal secure.

A dog ramp slides out of the Envoy Pet Pro’s rear cargo area – a significant aid especially to older dogs who may find it difficult to jump into the rear, and who may be too heavy for their owners to pick up. The ramp is integrated with a pull-out tray that makes it easier to load cargo into the rear compartment.

Families that bring their pets along with them often need additional space to carry their own luggage. To meet that need, the Envoy Pet Pro is outfitted with a Max modular roof rack that pivots and swings down the side of the vehicle, making it easy to attach or retrieve cargo. On the Envoy Pet Pro, a GM Accessories hard-top luggage carrier is painted to match the maroon liquid metal exterior paint. Enhancing the ability to carry gear, a Reese Dual Port System modular trailer hitch adds the capability to tow or to add a rack for bicycles or other equipment.

Human passengers also will find plenty of comfort in the Envoy Pet Pro with rear seat window shades and plush carpet floor mats, both from GM Accessories. A front productivity console adds to Envoy’s versatility. The console’s front compartment provides concealed storage for a personal digital assistant (PDA) and cell phone with charging outlets, along with a storage tray for small items. The console also features a temperature-controlled cupholder and removable cooler. Brushed nickel accents on the steering wheel provide an uplevel touch.

Need to call in a grooming appointment from the road? Simply snap your personal wireless phone into the vehicle’s Cellport 3000 hands-free docking unit, use its Voice Command technology, and dial the kennel by saying the numbers without removing your hands from the steering wheel. The system’s digital signal processing technology will filter out Fido's whining and barking.

Vehicle Highlights

* Rear compartment focuses on pet

* Net provides barrier to second row

* Seat protective cover doubles as cargo shade cover

* Modular cargo management provides storage space for water jug holder, water and food dish holder, food and treats, hand vacuum cleaner

* Special air vents

* Pull-out tray for easier loading

* Dog ramp

* Folding cage

* Cushion for pet

* Pet safety belt integrated into second row (GM Accessories)

* Max luggage rack with GM Accessories hard top luggage carrier

* Reese Dual Port System hitch/carrying rack with swing-away modules

* GM Accessories brushed metal running boards

* Front productivity console from Magna Steyr

* Rear seat window shades

* Plush carpet floor mats (GM Accessories)

* Breed steering wheel with brushed nickel accents

* Maroon liquid metal exterior paint

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