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Heavy-Duty Jeep Drivetrain

Posted in Project Vehicles on January 23, 2014 Comment (0)
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Oh yea, oldschool baby! So 12…15 years ago adding a doubler from an NP203 to some other heavy duty T-case was a pretty hot set up. This was the poor man’s heavy-duty way to add more gearing to long wheelbase rigs. Back in 2003 or so I drove from Durham, North Carolina, to Roanoke, Virginia, to get this Dodge NP203 lowrange box. The plan at the time was to adapt it behind a NV3500 and infront of a NP231 in a ’01 XJ that I was building at the time. As you probably know plans change and projects get sold. Fast forward 10 year or so and somehow I am still lugging this Dodge NP203 range box around when an idea for a new Jeep build went from an idea to a collection of parts. Since buying the NP203 range box it had spent time in my parents garage of back in Durham. I then drug it to Southeast Ohio where it took up space in another garage for several years. In 2009 the NP203 went from Ohio to Arizona where a few more years resting on concrete. Finally a few weeks ago the NP203 finally went from large dirty, greasy, dusty, space sucking boat anchor to being part of an upcoming project I am working on. Thanks to Off Road Designs ( the well traveled NP203 range box has a new home between a Chevy NP205 (with a new 32-spline input) and a Dodge NP435. Anyways I am out of town, but desperately want to get back to wrenching on this project so I’ve been drooling over pictures of it until I can get back to it. Yea, it’s oldschool. Yea, it’s tough and heavy, but the best part is even though its old school, running an NP203 range box as a doubler is still cheap and it also still works.


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