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The two share the same parking brake, transfer case, and transmission shift levers, although a civilian Hummer receives vinyl-covered, padded interior panels to gussy it up a bit. The parking brake lever is military-inspired and offers a very positive engagement. Adjusting the parking brake is done by simply turning the knob at the top. All Hummers have full-time four-wheel drive, so the positions in both versions are marked H (High), HL (High Loc), N (neutral), and L (Low-Loc). Interestingly, there is no Park position on the military versions, and we’re told the 󈨦 civilian Hummers are the first to have Park. In order to start any Hummer without a Park position, it’s necessary to set the parking brake and shift the tranny into Neutral. No manuals are available in either version, and all the automatics are GM four-speed 4L80Es.