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Both styles use the same suspension and drivetrain designs. The suspension is independent front and rear and sprung with coils at each wheel, which yields an impressive 16 inches of ground clearance in the center of the vehicle. However, we noted wheel travel is limited, especially when compared to conventional straight-axle designs. The Hummer features 1.92:1 gear reduction units at each wheel, which is technology borrowed from heavy-duty trucks. By using these reduction units at the extreme end of the driveline, it’s possible to use smaller and lighter components throughout the rest of the drivetrain. Also, instead of having the brakes at each wheel like most vehicles, the Hummer’s all-disc brakes are located at the end of the differential assembly on the upper portion of the axleshafts. The only difference between the two models is different spring rates and shock valving, which also vary according to the body.