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Front Passenger Side

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That’s what Rande Knapmiller of Birchwood, Wisconsin, says about his ’76 Chevy 3/4-ton. He also says its ugly and functional. It has a 350 with 150,000 miles and it starts every time he turns the key, even in the sub-zero temperatures of northern Wisconsin. All the lights and controls work except for the radio, and where it isn’t dented, it’s rusted. The entire hood is covered in Bondo, the rear sliding window is broken and patched with wood, the driver-side door and floor have holes in them, and the door latches are broken and close with bungee cords. Rande had to replace the driver’s seat because it had a hole in it; he replaced the broken turn signal switch with one from a Chevette and mounted it to the radio knob. In his own words, “It ain’t pretty, but it works.”