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The 50TH Annual SEMA Show #TENSEMA16

Posted in Sema: 2016 on November 14, 2016
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Photographers: Deanna Scanlon

Fifty years ago a few companies got together to see if they could sell more parts if they actually worked together. The resulting cooperation has turned into the massive entity that is SEMA.

And while it’s true that the selling of parts continues to be the driving force of this event, for many attendee’s, SEMA isn’t so much about the new parts as it is about the vehicles that have been built to display those parts.

In addition to many vendors booths, the SCORE/BFGoodrich area was the staging area for the race trucks that were going to be qualifying Tues night.

Some of these builds are full on customs that feature many of the best products on them, but are usually featuring one product in particular. It’s quite an honor to be chosen to display there, and one that nobody takes lightly. Though SEMA isn’t really a place where there are a lot of pre-runners (O-R-Expo and Sand Sports Show is better for them), There was still a ton of great vehicles to ogle over. So that’s what we’re going to do this issue, that is bring you as many as we can fit on these pages. Know that you’ll be able to see more if you go to our website at

Yep, this month we’ll bring to you the show and cool (and some so not cool) vehicles that were found at the show, but know that we’ll have the SEMA New Products in next months issue, so stay tuned for them!

Load in is always an ordeal, but this guy is making sure his booth will be ready for the masses that are to come.
A neat touch was this local high school marching band trumpeting in the opening of the 50th Annual SEMA Show.
The BFGoodrich area was a delight for those who are into SCORE and related hardware.
Built by Griffen Fab Works, this Ford was a beauty that hid fully modern suspension beneath its 1979 skin.
Trucks like this new Chevy Z71 have been lovingly built throughout the year just for the chance to be accepted by SEMA.
Not all companies chose new trucks to be the standard bearer for their brand as TredWear went with this vintage Bronco.
The weather was great, and it seemed that shorts were the crowd’s trouser of choice.
Arctic Cat had a small course in one corner where their drivers took enthusiasts for a fun-filled spin.
As usual Ford went all out with their Ford Out Front area. Their trucks and cars were sliding and jumping their way around it all week.
As large as outside is at SEMA, it pales in comparison to inside. To say that the place is gigantic is an understatement.
Normally truck are meticulously cleaned, however this Tundra was part of Bilstein’s rally that rolled on dirt all the way from their Poway shop to Vegas and wore the dirt it accumulated en route proudly.
Pro Lite driver Brad DeBerti built this beautiful pre runner Raptor. Look for it in an upcoming issue of DS+OR.
Dodge made a few splashes of their own. One of them was this nice Power Wagon.
Chevy had this interesting concept ZH2 in their booth. They had a good collection of their new trucks on hand as well.
Another beautiful, gunmetal-gray pre-runner. Jeez, we’re getting jaded.
ORMHOF’r and all-around good guy Curt LeDuc was presented with his ring by Skyjacker honcho Lonnie McCurry Sr.
This immaculate Dodge was front and center in the NITTO booth.
The Lovell’s Amsoil Bronco is ready for NORRA.
And then we came across this. To whoever built these, just don’t. Please.
Addictive Desert Designs and Springfield Armory teamed up to build this heavily armed 2017 Ford Raptor.
Porsche rally cars were forces to be reckoned with back in the day, and this beauty looks like it can still turn a fast lap around Morocco.
This killer 40’s era Dodge Power Wagon was hiding in Hot Rod Alley in the Painless Wiring booth.
We ran across Rob Mac while he was getting ready for the SCORE parade of trucks when then headed out to qualifying.
With Vegas Metro Police leading the way, the trucks took surface streets all the way to the track. It was quite a site to see.
Diesel Power’s KJ doing the “Facebook 10.”
Roger Norman’s Ford is just as trick as you’d expect from the guy who runs SCORE.
And we’re finishing up with a shot of this. We don’t know what trend this is, but we really wish it would end. It’s just a waste of a good truck.
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