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Kevin McNulty

Kevin McNulty

Former Former Editor, Mud Life, Mud Life Magazine


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  • Posted an article in Girls

    We meet so many friendly Southern women, we feel like an elite New York modeling agency, but in a much friendlier, less uppity kind of way!

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    Music is without a doubt one of America’s largest and most popular industries. Entertainment for some of us is just something we just can’t live without—everywhere we go it’s right there with us.

  • Posted an article in Suspension/Brakes

    We’re not sure we really have to mention it, but tow rigs are an essential part of our work and recreational time. We wouldn’t get to many events without a good strong truck chugging down the highway.

  • Posted an article in features

    The LACS are not just taking the country scene by storm but also the mud world! We run into more people than we can shake a stick at who say they love The LACS & blast their music while muddin’.

  • Posted an article in Transmission/Drivetrain

    No doubt 2½- and 5-ton axles are the meat-and-potatoe axles of built mud rigs. They are cheap and tough compared to other common axles that are available.

  • Posted an article in Suspension/Brakes

    King Off-Road Racing Shocks has taken all their professional real-world off-road experience and rolled it into their line of OEM replacement shocks and coilovers.

  • Posted an article in events

    Just a few miles outside of the little town of St. Jo, Texas, sits the amazing off-road park of Rednecks With Paychecks. St. Jo is on U.S. Highway 82 East, about 24 1/2 miles west of Gainesville.

  • Posted an article in Product Reviews

    Right around the beginning of November every year, all the car, truck, and automotive aftermarket accessories manufacturers get together in Las Vegas for the massive SEMA Show.

  • Posted an article in Girls

    We’ve spent the past few months roaming the nation looking for the best mud events we could find that would get us hip-deep in the lifestyle and perhaps in a little bit of trouble too!

  • Posted an article in Vehicle Reviews

    After some seat time on our initial test drive of the RSX850i we were impressed and hooked (Apr./May ’13). We wheeled the little machine over some of the toughest trails in America and had a blast!

About Me

As far back as he can remember Kevin has always tinkered with tools and all things mechanical. Almost 30 years ago he bought his first four-wheel-drive truck and hit the deserts, mountains, and highways looking for adventure. Just over 10 years ago he started as an editor on Off-Road Magazine, head 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine as Editor-in-Chief, worked on Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road as Executive Editor, and now finds himself on Mud Life Magazine as Editor-in-Chief.

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  • 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

    2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon