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Pete Trasborg

Pete Trasborg

Brand Manager, Jp, Jp Magazine

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  • Posted an article in features

    We caught this diesel flattie from Montana out on the trail in Nevada during Trail Tour 2012. Andy Burleson built it for the same reason any of us would.

  • Posted an article in news

    A lot of you already know that a lot of companies tend to unveil the latest and greatest new products at the SEMA show later in the year.

  • Posted an article in Suspension/Brakes

    Buying used suspension parts can be a bit like plunking down some cash on a Russian mail- order bride. Sometimes you hit the jackpot.

  • Posted an article in Product Reviews

    Tubular steel doors from OR-Fab, Brackets from Synergy, Seat cover set from Gregs 4x4 Extreme and more!

  • Posted an article in Wheels And Tires

    Used tires and wheels are a great way to save a buck -- whether you are doing it to make time until you lift your Jeep, or to try a new look, or to test tire fitment of a different size.

  • Posted an article in events

    It's been about 4 weeks now since I've inherited Jp Magazine's '07 Jeep Wrangler JK, figured out what was needed and set about fixing it.

  • Posted an article in electrical

    So while we aren’t showing you how to make the Jeep run better, we will show you how to save some money by not just throwing parts at it and doing the work yourself.

  • Posted an article in electrical

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that after all these years of harping on you guys about always installing relays when you put new lights in your Jeep, I’m gonna tell you not to.

  • Posted an article in electrical

    The newer LED headlights from Truck-Lite are great. Sure, they are a bit pricy, but the light output and beam pattern are both great. They are the last set of headlights you’ll ever need.

  • Posted an article in events

    But where Big Brother closes a door, it sometimes opens a window and we found ourselves for the first time hitting the trails with the Parker 4 Wheelers in Parker, Arizona.

About Me

Pete’s first car was a Jeep, his second car was a Jeep, and it has been almost nonstop Jeeps ever since. While living on the East Coast and dabbling in architectural drawing for a decade, his real passion has always been Jeeps. He spent every free minute either spinning wrenches or wheeling and by the time he moved west to work at Jp magazine, he’d owned, modified, or restored 27 Jeeps. Now at Jp Magazine for 7 years, Trasborg is still accumulating them and has everything from a ’52 M38A1, to a ’98 Cherokee, to a ’67 M-715, to a ’91 Comanche, to a ’94 Wrangler. Over the years, he’s owned about 50 Jeeps, worked on them all in his own driveway, and brings a breadth and depth of knowledge to Jp magazine that you can’t find on any street corner.

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  • 1968 M-715

    1968 M-715

  • 1993 YJ on 40s a.k.a. 'Big Mini'

    1993 YJ on 40s a.k.a. 'Big Mini'

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