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2006 Real Truck Club Challenge - Rock Crawling Course

Posted in Top Truck Challenge: 2006 on August 1, 2006
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This would make a great bumper sticker wouldn't it.. hint.. hint..

Rock Course
Much like the Mini-Rubicon at Hollister Hills OHV park, the Rock Trail course is full of boulders with axle snapping rocks strung over a slight incline. The difference is the placement of the finish line. It's at the top of a 4 foot ledge which forces most competitors to use heavy throttle application to even come close to cresting. This year with the seperation of the Specalist and Expert classes and the 5 minute time limit, the less modified Specialist class used a differant starting line than the Experts. Want to know where? You'll just have to pick up the magazine or the DVD!

Specialist Class
1. Adam Dennany'97 {{{Jeep Wrangler}}} TJ1 min. 12 sec.
2. Stacey Merrill'88 {{{Suzuki Samurai}}}3 min. 40 sec.
3. Chris Weigand'00 {{{Jeep}}} {{{Wrangler}}} TJ3 min. 44 sec.
4. Bryan Benn'93 {{{Jeep Cherokee}}} XJ3 min. 59 sec.
5. Abe & Marie Dunning'86 {{{Toyota}}} 4 RunnerDNF
6. John Noonan'88 {{{Suzuki}}} {{{Samurai}}}DNF
7. Gary Hahn'88 Suzuki SamuraiDNF
8. Nate Murray'02 {{{Nissan Frontier}}}DNF
9. Tim Nace'88 Suzuki SamuraiDNF
Expert Class
1. John Shenberger'92 {{{Oldsmobile Bravada}}}DNF
2. Charles Chilton'78 {{{Jeep CJ}}}-8DNF
3. Norman & Jeanne Fournier'74 {{{Ford Bronco}}}DNF
4. Michael Marrero'99 {{{Nissan}}} {{{Frontier}}}DNF
5. Richard Lozano'84 Toyota pickup DNF
6. Randall Svoboda'89 {{{Dodge Ramcharger}}}DNF
7. Jody David'76 International ScoutDNF
8. Jake Foster'91 Jeep {{{Cherokee}}} XJDNF
9. Nancy Totterdale'98 Jeep CherokeeDNS
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