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Obstacle Course - Top Truck Challenge 2006

Posted in Top Truck Challenge: 2006 on December 1, 2006
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The Obstacle Course

What it is: This brutal, brand-new course measured about a quarter mile in length. It encompassed two "bowls" and included a gnarly mud hole, a variety of tight turns, hills, puckering off-camber sections, a wickedly deep mud hole, and a couple of water holes. Did we mention it had a gnarly mud hole?

How it works: Speed is king; though attention must be paid to marker cones as hitting or ignoring them can significantly impact your time in a bad way. There is a 10-minute time limit. This year, those who drew one of the first runs had to navigate through the evil mud hole while not drowning in our Mega Titan's ruts.

Finish Line Quotes
"It was tough. I cut those turns wide and still had to back up. I thought I almost rolled it at the beginning. Again."--Addie Sheeley
"Hold nothing back. I got nothing to lose. That's the plan, man. Worked hard to get here and worked hard all day yesterday to get the truck together. I worked too hard to roll over and die."--Cory Hanson

Obstacle Course Overview

Boggio's S-10: Fourth competitor, and the first to plow through the mud hole without winching. Even with a less-than-ideal turning radius that required a couple of time-consuming three-point turns, the lack of winching helped him post a good overall time.

Buck's Ranger: Hit the right side of the mud hole with a good head of steam, and then produced a lot of steam as the water rolled off the 460ci engine. With the truck banked steeply to the driver side, they performed a quick winch recovery and finished the course.

Burton's TJ: Second competitor. Four-wheel steering helped him get a good time through the first section of the course, but the mud hole stopped the TJ cold and it had to be winched, which consumed valuable time. The TH400 transmission was slipping a little in Second gear.

Collins' F-250: Last competitor. Unwound the 545ci engine and blew through the course to earn the fastest time. Said his bead-locked wheels were leaking but that it had no bearing on the competition.

Dibble's ASM buggy: Replaced a throttle position sensor prior to competition. It was provided by Team Hanson. On the gas hard, but DQ'd due to a course violation.

Gilpin's K3500: Due in part to the 175:1 crawl ratio, the big Chevy had a slow run. The rear steer helped the mammoth rig make corners that it would've had big problems with if it didn't have rear steer. Easily crawled the mud hole.

Grothe's Bronco: First competitor. Had to clean oil from the clutch of their rig before the run because it was slathered and slipping from their roll on the Hill Climb. Demonstrated a slow and methodical approach to the course. Got stuck in the mud hole and had to winch out.

Hanson's Toyota: Successfully continued its frenzied attempt to quickly gather points by demonstrating a fast run that earned Second Place. A new, foot-operated non-self-centering rear steering system proved a challenge, and the truck occasionally veered wildly.

Pellett's Ram: Accompanied by the sound of turbo whine, the Cummins-powered rig blew through the course, including the mud hole. Rear steer helped considerably on the tight turns.

Sheeley's TJ: Steering issues made the rig hard to control. Blew through the mud hole but had to make a couple of two-point turns on the course, which ate up time.

RESULTS (corrected time or DQ)

1 Collins' F-250 2 min. 40 sec.
2 Hanson's Toyota 2 min. 51 sec.
3 Pellett's Ram 3 min. 28 sec.
4 Boggio's S-10 3 min. 57 sec.
5 Sheeley's TJ 4 min. 51 sec.
6 Buck's Ranger 5 min. 7 sec.
7 Burton's TJ 5 min. 19 sec.
8 Grothe's Bronco 5 min. 55 sec.
9 Gilpin's K3500 6 min. 4 sec.
10 Dibble's ASM buggy DQ

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