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Top Truck 2007 Challenger 38 - BJ Kohlleppel - 1987 Chevy K30

1987 Chevy K30 Bj Kohlleppel
Posted April 1, 2007

BJ Kohlleppel Sealy Texas

BJ Kohlleppel, Sealy, Texas'87 Chevy K30

Function first, this diesel-powered rig is ready to invade TTC.

Engine: GM 6.2L diesel V-8
Transmission: Turbo 400
Transfer case: Klune-V 2.7/NP205
Axles f/r: Dana 60/FF 146
Traction aids f/r: Detroit Locker/Detroit Locker
Ratio: 5.13:1
Suspension f/r: 8-inch Skyjacker leaf springs/6-inch Skyjacker leaf springs
Tires: 42-inch Interco IROKs
Special features: Exocage, flatbed, bead locks, crossover steering with hydro assist and double ram
Driver experience: 8 years