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Top Truck 2007 Challenger 32 - Matt Thorson - 2000 Jeep TJ

Posted in Top Truck Challenge: 2007 on April 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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Top Truck 2007 Challenger 32 - Matt Thorson - 2000 Jeep TJ

Matt Thorson, Santa Rosa, California '00 Jeep TJ

This is Thorson's first time entering Top Truck. He has the rig and the desire, as well as a Waylon Jennings rear license plate. Can he come out and play?

Engine: 502ci V-8 Chevy Ram Jet V-8
Transmission: SM465
Transfer case: NP203/205
Axles f/r: 2 1/2-ton Rockwell / 2 1/2-ton Rockwell
Traction aids f/r: Ouverson Engineering spool/Ouverson Engineering spool
Ratio: 6.72:1
Suspension f/r: Four-link, Sway-A-Way coilovers, 4-inch air bumpstops/Four-link, Sway-A-Way coilovers, 4-inch air bumpstops
Tires: 53-inch Michelin XZLs
Special features: Front and rear winches; 20x12 two-piece steel wheels, interior bead locks; Ouverson 47-spline 2-inch-diameter axles, front pinion brake and rear driveline brake; 0.120-wall High Angle driveshafts, 1410 U-joints, 1-inch spherical rod ends on 2-inch DOM tubing; Performance Off Road double ram-assist front and rear steering
Driver experience: More than 20 years


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