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Top Truck 2007 Challenger 50 - Corey Fowler - Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler

Posted in Top Truck Challenge: 2007 on April 1, 2007
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Corey Fowler, Ithaca, MichiganJeep CJ-8 Scrambler

Corey took a completely different approach when he built his Jeep. It has two non-steering axles under it. The arrangement is quite unique and simple, but will it maneuver quickly enough for TTC?

Engine: Oldsmobile 455 V-8
Transmission: Turbo 400
Transfer case: Divorced NP205
Axles f/r: 2 1/2-ton Rockwell / 2 1/2-ton Rockwell
Traction aids f/r: Detroit Locker/Detroit Locker
Ratio: 6.72:1
Suspension f/r: Four-link, Bronco coils/Four-link, Bronco II coils
Tires: 44-inch Boggers
Special features: Full hydraulic center-pivot steering, MileMarker 15000 hydraulic winch, keg fuel cell, rear-mounted radiator, through-the-hood exhaust
Driver experience: 7 years

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