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Top Truck Challenge 2010 Challengers

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Posted April 1, 2010
Photographers: Courtesy of the TTC hopefuls

The Top 50: Who Goes To TTC 2010? You Decide!

Get your ballots, because it's time for you to tell us which 10 of the following rigs you'd like to see compete in Top Truck Challenge 2010. Take your sweet ol' time and intricately evaluate each rig based on your trail-honed experience, or just blaze through and go with your gut feelings. Any way you do it, the ballots you cast will decide who goes to Hollister, California, for the 18th running of TTC. The highest vote-getting rigs will compete in the legendary Tow Test, Frame Twister, Mud Pit, Obstacle Course, Hill Climb, Mini Rubicon, and of course, the ├╝ber-challenging Tank Trap.

All you have to do is turn to page 45, remove the Official Top Truck Challenge 2010 ballot, clearly write the corresponding entry numbers of your 10 choices on the ballot, and mail it to the supplied address by March 15, 2010. Only the Official Ballot from this issue is accepted (no photocopies or faxes). We'll tally the votes and unveil the TTC Top 10 in the November issue of Four Wheeler and on in mid-April. If you're chosen as one of the 10 competitors, you'll be notified during the first week of April.

By popular demand, we intend to introduce a "Buggy" and "Truck" class this year, and each class will consist of five rigs, plus one alternate from each class. We'll have more on that in a future issue.

For now, get your ballots, get a pen, and get comfortable, because it's time to vote!

1. Erik Nelson, Prince George, B. C., Canada
1990 Ford F-250
Snow and ice are brutal, but so are the mud and rocks of Hollister. Will you let Nelson unleash his diesel-powered Blue Oval?
Engine: International 7.3L turbodiesel V-8
Transmission: ZF 5-spd
Transfer Case: NP203/205 doubler
Axles, f/r: Dana 60/Sterling 101/4-in
Traction aids, f/r: Detroit Locker/Detroit Locker
Ratio: 4.56:1
Suspension, f/r: Leaf springs/leaf springs
Tires: 39.5x18-15 Boggers
Special features: Interco water-methanol injection, 6 inches of lift, rear shackle reversal, front shackle flip, 15,000-lb front winch, 12,000-lb rear winch, beadlock wheels, hydraulic-assist steering, 35-spline outers, 3-in body lift, 1350 U-joints
Driver experience: 10 years

2. Matt Sanderson, Pocatello, Idaho
1982 Chevy Blazer
This narrowed rig seems to be built right, and the owner says he'll pitch the rear leaves and go with links if he gets voted in. Engine: 454ci GM V-8
Transmission: TH350
Transfer case: NP203/205 doubler
Axles, f/r: Dana 60/GM 14-bolt
Traction aids, f/r: Lock-Right/Detroit Locker
Ratio: 5.13:1
Suspension, f/r: Leaf springs/leaf springs
Tires: 44-in Interco Super Swampers
Special features: Heavily modified engine with Holley fuel injection, Warn 8,000-lb winch, 35-spline outers, rear truss and pinion guard, hydraulic-assist steering, Tom Wood's driveshafts
Driver experience: 20 years

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