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Brandon Goodwin: 1972 Ford Bronco

Driver Side Shot
Four Wheeler Staff | Writer
Posted November 1, 2010
Photographers: Sean P. Holman, Ken Brubaker

Top Truck Challenge 2010 Competitors: The Dirty Dozen

Shocker Of A Bronco
Brandon Goodwin's Bronco has as much in common with an early Bronco as the Tank Trap has with Interstate 5, but at least it is a cool conversation piece. With some vaguely recognizable early Bronco sheetmetal that has been massaged and narrowed to fit over the Kitsap Kustoms-built tube chassis, it is clearly purpose-built-for the purpose of taking it all at Top Truck Challenge.


  • Owner name/city: Brandon Goodwin/Belfair, WA
  • Occupation: Rigger
  • Vehicle model: 1972 Ford Bronco
  • Estimated value: $35,000
  • Engine/aspiration: Chevrolet 6.0L Vortec OHV V-8
  • Transmission: TH350
  • Transfer case: Klune/NP205
  • Suspension (f/r): 16-in Sway-A-Way coilover /16-in Sway-A-Way coilover
  • Axles (f/r): 21/2-ton Rockwell/21/2-ton Rockwell
  • Axle ratio: 6.72:1
  • Wheels: 20x10 aluminum with internal beadlock
  • Tires: 54-in Interco Boggers

Brandon Goodwin, Team #4

  • Most looking forward to: "Tank Trap. It looks like the hardest event and not everyone makes it."
  • Not looking forward to: "Frame Twister. Hitting the logs at full speed is rough on equipment."
  • Playing in his iPod/CD player: "Big B, White Trash."
  • Goodwin says: "I'm very helpful and always willing to lend a helping hand."


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