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Front Axle

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The buggy’s front “grader ball” suspension is a first for TTC, though the setup can provide mega-flex for minimal cost. Essentially a triangulated single-link similar to a torque tube, the grader-ball utilizes a trailer-style ball and mount, typically sourced from a road grader and welded to a frame crossmember, and a coupler that’s welded shut so it can’t separate from the ball. The coupler attaches to the axles via a solid V-link, both ends of which are welded directly to the axle tube; a pair of coil springs controls the rate of flex, and a homemade panhard rod locates the axle laterally. Combine it with owner-built shocks (fabricated from hydraulic rams and delivering 25 inches of travel. Total cost: $0), and you’ve got a unique long-travel suspension setup that doesn’t require a lot of money, or knowledge of sophisticated geometry, to execute successfully. The key is finding a hitch and coupler that can stand up to heavy torsional loads.