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Competition Preview: Top Truck Champions Challenge 2012 Day 1

Competition Preview
Jason Gonderman
| Contributor
Posted June 11, 2012
Contributors: Monica Gonderman

Around Camp And In The Hills

The competitors are all here, the obstacles are all groomed, water is being dumped, and BBQ has been consumed… this all signals the start of the 2012 Top Truck Champions’ Challenge!

We took a quick tour around the competitor’s camp and managed to scout out all 17 of the returning champions and the one voted in reader. Last minute preparations are being made, engines and axles are being worked on, and sponsor stickers are being applied. The mood is both excited and tense at the same time as these guys are all former champions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still just a bit nervous.

Looking around the park we see that all of the obstacles have been built and boy are they mean! Competition begins promptly Tuesday morning. Stay tuned.


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