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Prorock Dana 60 Rear Axle

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Out back, the rig still has the Dynatrac ProRock 60 steer axle as found in 2005 and it’s still equipped with an ARB Air Locker, 5.13 Yukon gears, and disc brakes. One thing that has changed in relation to the axle is the addition of RCV axleshafts. Back in 2005 the suspension consisted of a triangulated four-link setup with Alcan elliptical springs and King remote-reservoir shocks. It’s still a four-link nowadays with QA1 spherical rod end-equipped 1.25-inch-diameter, 0.300-inch-wall upper links and Currie billet Johnny Joint-equipped 1.75-inch-diameter, 0.375-inch-wall lower links. However, the Jeep is now suspended by 16-inch-travel King remote-reservoir coilovers and as in 2005 a limiting strap still keeps the works from overextending. The hydraulic steering system is handled by a Howe hydraulic ram and the QA1-equipped tie rod is made from the same material as the front tie rod.