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TTC 2013 - Mud Pit

Posted in Top Truck Challenge: 2013 on October 8, 2013
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Photographers: Jeremy Cook

If there’s one constant with our Mud Pit competition from year to year, it’s that it’s constantly changing. We keep this event fresh and exciting by manipulating the mud density and depth so that competitors never know whether our 138-foot pit is going to be a high-speed sprint or a slow speed crawl. We worked up a bunch of soft dirt and then pumped in thousands of gallons of water. Like a fine recipe, we let the whole works marinate until almost all the water has disappeared into the soil. It looks deceptively easy, but is a test of each rig’s cooling system, drivetrain beef, and tire traction. The starting line is further from the Pit to give the competitors a 45-foot-longer run at the mud.

The mud pit was very deceptive this year and looked as though it wasn't very deep but looks can be very deceiving as most of our competitors learned first hand. The first to take the plunge was Matt Huit in his gnarly 1981 VW Rabbit Pickup which seemed unstoppable as it plowed through the bog with it's 454 c.i. big block screaming. Most of the competitors didn't manage to finish as since the bog got so thicker and deeper just past the halfway point.

Somehow that wasn't enough to stop Glen Green from ripping his way through the mud bog with his 54-inch Super Swamper Boggers and his 600 plus horsepower 540 c.i. big block stroker '79 Ford F350. Needless to say, Glen ended up with the fastest time through the bog.

The only other competitor to get close to the finish was Josh Middleton in his big block powered '79 Ford Bronco. Josh made it up the ramp section of the mud bog just a bit before getting stuck. The sibiling rivalry continued but the bog was just too thick for Justin Middleton's '78 Chevy Blazer.

Pepe "Peps" Palomo made a great effort during the mud pit when his '99 Toyota Tacoma sank in the bog but Pepe kept his little 2.4-liter four cylinder engine wound up enough to claw his way forward just over 15 feet from where his lime green Tacoma originally sunk.

Check out all the mud slinging action from the Mud Pit at Top Truck Challenge 2013!

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