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Top Truck Challenge 2014: Tow Test and Frame Twister - Day 1 Video

Posted in Top Truck Challenge: 2014 on October 6, 2014
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Photographers: Four Wheeler Staff

Top Truck Challenge is Four Wheeler’s premiere event and known the world around for having the gnarliest off-road trucks built to tackle the nastiest terrain and obstacles that the Hollister Hills SVRA can offer. This year, Top Truck Challenge 2014 kicked off with a heavyweight Tow Test that challenged the competitors to hook up their rigs to a 38,000 pound M936A2 5-ton 6x6 and pull it up our 150 foot track which climbs 13 feet in elevation and has a maximum angle of approximately 16 degrees to test their rigs’ ability to put the power to the ground.

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The competitors get one shot to pull the heavy beast up the hill with no time limit but once forward traction is lost, the horn is blown, hopefully before the rig spits out any driveshafts, axles or u-joints. Not every competitor is able to make a full pull but for the lucky few who do get the 38,000 pound 6x6’s front hubs across the 150 foot mark it will be a battle of the fastest time across the finish line. This is one event that demands the full attention from the competitors because it’s the first event and has a high potential to quickly weed out weak components.

If the competitors survive the Tow Test, they will move on to the dreaded Frame Twister which as the name suggests, can warp a rig’s frame and chew up drivelines like no other challenge. The Frame Twister has evolved from last year’s course and for 2014, about half way into the course, competitors will hit the infamous Squeeze Rock section facing giant boulders and navigating through the dogleg that likes to flip vehicles on their side. Once clearing the Squeeze, competitors make a left turn and came face-to-face with the gut-wrenching, suspension-bending log section. This section included six strategically placed logs that are perpendicular to the direction of travel and each was separated by deep, water-filled trenches. Each competitor is allowed 10 minutes to complete the Frame Twister course.

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Sounds nuts, doesn’t it? Hey, that’s why it’s called Top Truck Challenge! This isn’t a competition for the feint of heart. This is the ultimate test of man and machine against mother nature and the insidious obstacles straight from the mind of former Four Wheeler Staff Editor, Robin Stover. Our course is meant to put the hurt on drivelines, tires, engines, suspension and most importantly, the drivers.

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Check out what it takes to be crowned the champion at Top Truck Challenge 2014 and see if your trail rig has what it takes to defeat our infamous challenges!

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