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Top Truck Challenge 101: Coal Chute

Posted in Top Truck Challenge: 2014 on May 23, 2014
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The newest event at Top Truck Challenge is the Coal Chute and it debuted in 2013. The Coal Chute replaced the Mini Rubicon, which had a long history in the TTC event lineup. Why did we give the brutal Mini Rubicon the boot? Well, we wanted something tougher. And the Coal Chute is definitely tougher. For example, of the nine vehicles that attempted the Coal Chute at TTC 2013, only one completed the event. One. Of the eight remaining vehicles, five suffered mechanical breakage to some degree and one vehicle rolled onto its side.

The Coal Chute is the third and final event of the second day of competition and it resides in a section of the newly-developed Upper Obstacle Course at the Hollister Hills SVRA. In 2013, the Coal Chute was approximately 525 feet in length and it contained steep walls that were over 7 feet in height, a mind-bending number of rocks, and even cement tubes. Typically, we give each competitor 20 minutes to complete the course. Those who finish are ranked according to elapsed time including penalties, while those who don’t complete the course are ranked by overall distance traveled. Will we be tweaking the Coal Chute for 2014 to keep things interesting? You bet.

Because the Coal Chute is the last competition of the day, if breakage occurs the teams have time to repair the issue before the final day of competition.

Here you can see Nolan Skopliak attempting to coax his ’87 GMC Jimmy down a section of the course.

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