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Top Truck Challenge 101: Tank Trap

Posted in Top Truck Challenge: 2014 on May 23, 2014
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The final event of Top Truck Challenge is the legendary, awe-inspiring Tank Trap. All of the TTC events are awesome, but the Tank Trap is in a class by itself and we save it for last. The Tank Trap is a regular feature at the Hollister Hills SVRA, nestled in a natural valley. But for one day each year it becomes far more challenging when we heavily modify it for TTC. Our finished course is approximately a quarter-mile in length, and from start to finish the course climbs approximately 195 feet in elevation. The course contains deep, murky water holes, a wicked canyon that’s bordered by steep walls and poison oak (actually, the entire course is littered with poison oak), several steep, loose dirt hills, a nasty crevice within sight of the finish line, and the final obstacle, a long, slippery dirt hill.

Over the years, the Tank Trap has claimed a variety of vehicles. We’ve seen just about every type of breakage in the Trap. Even so, it’s the number one most anticipated event for the majority of the competitors. Because of its inherent brutality, the Tank Trap is worth double points to the competitors. This means a competitor can extend a lead or gather needed points by doing well in the Trap.

Typically, competitors have 30 minutes to complete the Tank Trap. Those who finish are ranked by overall time and those who don’t finish are ranked by distance traveled. Only 1 vehicle out of 10 made it to the finish line at TTC 2013.

The photo you’re looking at is the result of Steven Montpas’ gallant effort to reach the finish line in his ’49 Willys pickup at Top Truck Champions’ Challenge 2012.

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