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4x4 Off Road Ultimate Adventure V - 4xForward

Posted in Ultimate Adventure on November 1, 2003
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Ultimate Adventure V
It's our favorite trip, and the preparation, execution, and final writeup of Ultimate Adventure IV is now in this issue for you to enjoy. We hope you like our coverage of the trip as much as we did running it. We also encourage each reader to start thinking of applying for a position on the next Ultimate Adventure, scheduled for June 2004. We still haven't selected where Ultimate Adventure V will be, and we also haven't picked what vehicle we'll build up, such as the previous Ultimate Avalanche, Ultimate Super Duty, and Ultimate A1. So all we have to do is figure out where, who, and what, and we can get on with it. Which also leads us to our next debate that you can help us with.

We want your input on Ultimate Adventure V. That's right, we're asking you, the reader, for your ideas on who attends, what we build, and where we go. If you think you have the gnarliest wheeling place on the planet and want us to check it out, let us know. If you think we should build a killer Daihatsu with Rockwells, let us know. If you believe only readers should attend, let us know. Of course, we can't make any promises about using your ideas, but each and every letter and e-mail will be read and given the consideration it deserves. We'll present a cross section of the most popular ideas in a future issue, and possibly a second call in these pages to discuss the merits of the ideas you come up with. Remember, this is your magazine, and we want your input.

As always, we have to set down a few rules to make this thing work. First, mark your envelopes with the term Ultimate Adventure V, and use that as the subject line in any e-mails. That's the only way we can track this stuff and make sure it goes to the right place, which is 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Ultimate Adventure V, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048, or via e-mail at Once we get your info, we'll distill it down based on practicality, since we sure can't link a great spot in Costa Rica with one in Minnesota. In addition, each wheeling location has to be downright tough-brutal enough for potential carnage, but still doable by the type of rigs shown on previous adventures. For example, a posy-picking trip on a graded road is sure pretty, but not very ultimate. Likewise, attacking deadly competition rockcrawling obstacles, where every rig rolls and destroys itself, is sort of bad karma and defeats the purpose of the trip. But most importantly, the area we visit must be legal to wheel on, whether public or private, and we'll need to check it out first.

We have plenty of ideas of our own, of course, but finding out what you want is important to us. After all, we may find some new areas of the nation we aren't aware of and deserve to be recognized. Even if we don't visit them on Ultimate Adventure, we still might come and check out your area for other stories. Likewise, some of the vehicles we looked at for this year's trip will be getting features done on them.

Here's a final tip for maximum consideration. Photos and videos of places and rigs can sure help us decide what and where we go, so send us your best, which can't and won't be returned, and don't make us slog through a Web site for info which could be condensed and sent to us. Really, it makes our life easier, which makes us more likely to look at your submissions.

So you think you got the stuff? Is your area the one we should slog our 20-plus rigs through for nothing more than the glory of being in the best and biggest 4x4 magazine around? Are you and your friends, club, or off-road park willing to host a bunch of ne'er-do-well magazine types and a bunch of sponsors, advertisers, and readers? Let us know your ideas, and we'll let you know what we think, and if you want to join us on Ultimate Adventure as a participant, watch for the call for applications in our Feb. '04 issue. Good luck, and thanks!-Rick Pw

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