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2004 Ultimate Adventure - Trip Home

Ua04 307 Z
Posted October 18, 2004

It was Sunday morning and the staff of 4-Wheel & Off-Road was standing around the parking lot trying to get our act together to head home when we all realized it was done for another year. Pewe had riden our little Toyota hard, but other than body damage, and a stub shaft didn't break anything substantial.

Fred Williams, David Kennedy, and Art Director Alan Huber had run themselves ragged trying to get all the great shot you see here. Publisher Jeff Nasi had again destroyed a few door on our full size UA-03 vehicle, the Avalanche, but nothing that couldn't be repaired, and feature editor Jerrod Jones was nursing a slight hangover from celebrating having driven his first Ultimate Adventure in his project 5K-XO-XJ Cherokee. We still had a long drive home that would include stops at Mount Rushmore, a giant statue of Paul Bunyon, and plenty of gas station interviews with readers we met along the way.


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