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It's not pretty, but if the original small-block was in better shape, we would have ordered a Howell universal throttle-body fuel-injection kit and been done. Even with headers and an aftermarket intake, the 350 just didn't feel strong enough to move the 39-inch tires we plan to run. We knew that we needed 300-400 hp and that we should stay with the small-block for weight and cost savings. We also knew we needed fuel injection to handle steep off-road climbs. After sifting through all the options and searching for the best deals, we ended up choosing a Ram Jet 350 from GM Performance Parts. Rated at 350 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque with multiport fuel injection, the Ram Jet 350 is a steal at $4,900. It'll also bolt right in, work with the stock radiator, and ensure we'll be able to find replacement parts anywhere.