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2006 Ultimate Adventure Truck and Driver Profiles - Tim Hardy - 1988 Suzuki Samurai

Posted in Ultimate Adventure: 2006 on November 1, 2006
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Driver: Tim Hardy


Occupation:Restoration of vehicles

Where did you come from?:Kelsey, CA

Did you tow it out or drive it?:Drove it

How long have you been off-roading?:Too damn long! 35+ years

What got you into 4x4s?:Living close to Georgetown where they had a Jeeper's Jamboree

Favorite part of the trip:Sand dunes

Funniest thing you saw happen:Me being pulled into Pat's Jeep.

What was your least favorite part of the trip?:When I lost my Yosemite Sam bobblehead off the cowl.

Hardtop, soft top, or no top:Tin top

Would you want to work for a 4x4 mag now that you've met us and seen what we do?:I'd do it in a hot minute if I knew how to use a PC

Would you kick out your co-driver if we had a supermodel to ride in your truck?:I didn't have a co-driver. Heck, I got an extra seat!

Would you do it again next year, or would it be asking too much of your battered body?:Oh, yeah right. Don't even ask.

Favorite truck on the trip (besides your own):Watson's Wally Blazer




Vehicle: Suzuki Samurai


Tires/Wheels:35-inch BFG Krawlers/15-inch aluminum American Racing

Steering:Toyota steering box, S-link

Front suspension:Rear leaf springs, shackle reversal, 3 1/2-inch frame extension, narrowed track, moved 1 1/2 inches forward

Rear suspension:Quarter-eliptic leaves, moved 1 1/2 inches forward

Front drivetrain:Stock housing, EZ Locker, 5.12 gears, LAC Birfields, Dutchman inner axles, Hardy-made 26-spline outer shafts

Rear drivetrain:Sidekick centersection, EZ Locker with Ford side gears, 31-spline Ford axles

Driveshafts:Custom 82AC Birfield with chromoly shaft

Tranny:Stock five-speed

Transfer case(s)/ratio(s)/other mods:4:1 Hardy-made

Engine/Mods:1.3L, match-ported carb, intake, and head

Bumpers/rails/rollcage:1 1/2- and 2-inch 0.120-wall tube

Winch:Warn 5000

What (on your truck) gave you problems during the trip?:Winch, transfer case wore out synchro locking ring

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