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Door Locked

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About this point we had one last stop on the way to the start of Ultimate Adventure and that was back to Advance Adapters for the final installation and tuning of the cable shift levers on our four-speed Atlas. Unfortunately, as we were reassembling the body panels and molding of the truck the driver-side door locked, and neither the key nor the remote access key fob would unlock it. Yes, with just days left to go on this project we were all of a sudden locked out of the driver seat, and to add insult to injury, the passenger door was locked open! This project had for the most part moved along on schedule, and though there were a few last-minute details to button up, we had little time or patience for some electric locks that wouldn't let us in our own truck. After nearly 12 hours of using every four-letter word we could think of (and inventing a few new ones), we were about at the end of our rope. How were we going to go on a weeklong trip in a truck that we couldn't even open the doors?! Luckily the boss (Editor Rick Pw) called and said "ignore the doors, and get that truck to Advance Adapters. We'll deal with it there." Did we ever! A pair of channel locks and tin snips later we had the electro gadget gutted from the door and a homebrew system fabbed up to get us in and out. Maybe the boss is right and true 4x4s don't have doors.