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Ultimate Adventure Jeep CJ-7: The UACJ

Jk Track Bar Installed
Fred Williams
| Brand Manager, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road
Posted October 1, 2010

Part 2: Flexing Up And Old Ride

When you start with nothing you have nothing to lose, but when you start with an old CJ the sky's the limit. Building a Jeep CJ is pretty wide open. Tons of parts are available, and just about everything has been tried before: V-8s, multiple gearboxes, every size tire and axle combo. It's half boring and half challenging to build a Jeep and do something unique.

In case you missed the Ultimate CJ last month ("Erod Action"), it was the start of the little Jeep CJ-7 we're building to lead our Ultimate Adventure trip this year. It should be able to run down the highway at speed, crawl over boulders in whatever state we end up in, and still have room for gear, grub, and a couple of people.

Last month we stuffed a GM Performance Parts Erod V-8 crate engine in the Jeep. Boring, you say? Only if you think that 400-some horses and a smog-legal engine swap is boring. Yes, it's another Chevy V-8 in a Jeep, but it's a modern V-8 and will be followed by a modern powertrain. This month, however, we move down under for suspension.


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