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Ultimate Adventure 2010: Bringing It All Together

Ultimate Adventure Meeting
Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted December 1, 2010
Photographers: 4 Wheel & Off-Road Staff

Thanks From The UA Crew

Without a good man at the helm of the Ultimate Adventure it wouldn't be the greatest four-wheeling event in America. Rick Péwé, our editor-in-chief, does a phenomenal job of assembling a platoon of some of the best four-wheelers and loyal readers in the country. The ragtag bunch of hooligans participates in the UA not for glory, fame, or money, but for the love of four-wheel adventure.

But one man can only do so much. The UA wouldn't be possible without the help of a few 4WD clubs and individuals from across the U.S. These folks put their lives on hold to help make the UA dream a reality. If you can imagine just one guy traveling half the country while looking for great off-road adventure and making hundreds of phone calls, securing permits, and running the magazine, then you realize just how valuable help really is. The entire staff and everyone who participates in the UA fully appreciate all their efforts.

If you want to see us in your part of the country and think that your club or family members can help us with Ultimate Adventure 2011, don't hesitate to email us at We don't need much more than a good patch of dirt to throw out our bedroll and a great place to wheel.

Special Thanks
We owe a debt of gratitude to the film crew of Mike Harrington, Andrew Black, Scott Fusselman, and Jeff Hamor, and to our publisher, Steve VonSeggern, for their help and support. At times the staff and UA crew can be a handful. Thanks for putting up with our antics.


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