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Ultimate Adventure 2011!

Posted in Ultimate Adventure: 2011 on April 1, 2011
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Ultimate Adventure 2011 Is Done!

Ultimate Adventure 2011 was one for the record books. With more trails days and off-road parks than ever before this year's Ultimate Adventure truly tested both man and machine. We are excited to bring you both exclusive video and photos from UA, along with the build up of the 2011 Ultimate Ford F-150 EcoBoost and the full event coverage from the magazine right here on this one page! So enjoy our coverage of Ultimate Adventure 2011 and we hope you can make it with us next year, so apply now!

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Every hobby or sport has a pinnacle event that defines its core and, for many, legitimizes its very existence. Traditionally, we magazine editors work to bring you the most dynamic and cherished off-road events from around the globe. From the barren Baja Peninsula to the Australian Outback, we have covered some of the most coveted 4x4 events, adventures, and competitions on the plant. While our role for many years has been to observe and report, 11 years ago we changed the history books by creating our own yearly wheeling expedition known as the Ultimate Adventure.

What started off with a few editors and friends looking to break away for a week of wheeling and countryside exploration has evolved into one of the premiere off-road trips on the globe. Now in its 11th year with Editor-in-Chief Rick Péwé at the helm, the Ultimate Adventure has become an exciting magazine tradition that is more than a weeklong off-road vacation. It's a true modern-day adventure.

The fundamentals of the UA include driving (not towing) your rig over nearly 1,000 miles of mud, rock, sand, trees, and asphalt, all while being entirely self-sufficient (camping gear, food, fuel, spare parts, mosquito repellant). While the UA motto for many years has been "Wheel for the Week, Not for the Day," the true slogan for the adventure will forever be "No Whining!"

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