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Ultimate Adventure 2012 Sponsors

Ultimate Adventure Jeep
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4WD & Sport Utility
Posted December 1, 2012
Photographers: 4-Wheel & Off-Road Staff

Wheeling Support

The Ultimate Adventure is serious fun and serious business. It takes time, planning, and a fair amount of dough to make this weeklong wheelfest a reality each year. Contrary to what some may believe, we are not cruising around in corporate helicopters and living the highlife here in magazine land. Like any media business model, we need an audience (you) and sponsors to keep things afloat.

To sponsor the UA means you are dedicated to wheeling and supporting our industry. Historically, many of our gracious sponsors have used the UA as a testbed for new products like tires, suspensions, and drivetrain products. And unlike the disconnected suits that run Wall Street, our industry titan’s actually play in the dirt like the rest of us. We are grateful for all of their help, and ultimately we all benefit from their participation.

Presenting Sponsor & Official Vehicle: Jeep
For over 70 years Jeep has provided wheeling enthusiast with incredible build platforms and showroom-ready wheelers. For this year’s UA the off-road legacy brand signed on as the official presenting sponsor and title vehicle. Teamed up with Jeep, we were able to take one of Jeep’s newest offerings, the ’12 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and create a one-off JK (aka the Off-Roadster) to lead our adventure. Staffed with outdoor enthusiast, Jeep also sent two engineers along for a little R&D and R&R. It’s great to see a company that genuinely cares about off-road enthusiasts, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the brand that continues to set the off-road benchmark.

Official Tire: Nitto Tire
Coming back for the second year as the official tire of the Ultimate Adventure, Nitto Tire continued to be a great fit. With a huge product line spanning the Grappler namesake, Nitto has shown dedication and enthusiasm for both the competition and recreation sides of the wheeling world. With Nitto’s latest 40-inch Trail Grapplers fitted under the Off-Roaster, the JK had no trouble digging up traction. Like last year, all rigs running Nittos made it through the treacherous week of wheeling without a single tire failure. This is no easy task and a record we and Nitto would love to see continue.
Nitto Tire

Official Recovery Rope: Bubba Rope
Whether it was a slick hillclimb, a sandy ridge, or a huge rock ledge, the Bubba Rope crew had some type of recovery strap for each occasion. We’ve had excellent luck with the original Bubba Rope in the past, and this year we got great use out of the new Tree Hugger line when we needed a safe winch point. Given the swampy and wet terrain on this year’s Pacific Northwest tour, we were sure glad the Bubba Rope crew signed back on! Like the shirt says, they are more than just your average mudder’s rope!
Bubba Rope

Official Fenders: GenRight
The factory Jeep Wrangler JK fenders leave plenty to be desired. The stock plastic isn’t the most heavy-duty, and the rounded design isn’t particularly useful for setting down your favorite trail beverage on. Fortunately, GenRight has a simple and lightweight solution for your stock fender woes with its aluminum fender set. GenRight offers a full line of steel and aluminum armor, and these guys were nice enough to come out to the UA and demonstrate how well their product line works. We’re happy not only to have the great aftermarket support, but it was nice to have a stable place to rest our suds at the end of the day!

Official Transfer Case: Offroad Design
Making big look good for well over a decade is the Watson family at Offroad Design. Each year companies use the UA as a testbed or proving grounds for new products. One of this year’s now production-ready devices being put under pressure was ORD’s Magnum Underdrive gearbox. We gave you the exclusive on the underdrive system in the Oct. ’12 issue (“Magnum Box”) and are happy to report that the new-to-market gear system worked flawlessly on the trip.
Offroad Design

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